Talia Radabaugh Insurance – A Passionate and Personalized Approach to Insuring Horses

Picture by Sage & Spur Photography

BY April Bilodeau

Owning a horse can be one of the most rewarding experiences for the equine enthusiast. While years of experience, books, and proper training can prepare you for the average day as a horse owner, not much can prepare you for the burden that can come when an injury or an emergency occurs.

Talia Radabaugh, owner of Talia Radabaugh Insurance, (a division of Key Retirement Solutions), is dedicated to relieving that burden for horse owners by offering personalized and custom equine insurance options.

“My goal for each of my clients is to grow a relationship with them and their equine partners, while customizing each horse with the correct coverage of what they need,” Radabaugh tells The Plaid Horse.

A lifelong horsewoman, Radabaugh grew up on a ranch cutting, barrel racing, and roping. She always enjoyed learning about different breeds and disciplines.

She was attending college to be a teacher, but in 2020 she had a change of heart and started considering other career options.

“The idea for equine insurance just sort of came to me and I thought it was a great fit with my passion,” says Radabaugh.

She got her license to insure in April 2023, thinking this could be a part time option for her as she navigated options for a full time career. But soon, friends and family were all insuring with her, then friends of friends. Suddenly, her side hustle was a booming new business.

“A lot of people don’t know that you can get insurance on a horse,” says Radabaugh, who also is licensed to insure livestock, farms/ranches, as well as training or business liability.

While Radabaugh’s main office is in Texas, she is able to insure in 40 states, making her accessible to horse owners across the country.

“We’ve been trying to get our horses insured for a while and no one seemed like a good fit or would get back to us,” says Val James, a client of Talia Radabaugh Insurance. “Talia was always available for any questions or concerns and helped us the whole process. She’s amazing!”

“I want my clients to feel confident that I have everything under control and that I have their back.”

­—Talia Radabaugh

Why Insure?

While no one ever expects an emergency, Radabaugh encourages owners to plan for them by covering their horses with one of the many options she is able to offer.

The four main areas that she covers include colic, major medical, mortality, as well as accident, sickness, and disease.

“Equine insurance is put in place to lessen the burden when large vet bills come,” says Radabaugh. “For example, if your horse colics and needs surgery, colic coverage from my company will cover $5,000 of the costs, which is the standard estimated amount for surgery.”

MRIs, stem cells, and other surgeries are covered under major medical. Under the major medical umbrella, owners are able to choose the amount of coverage they would like on their horse, which will impact the annual premium cost.

In case of the most unfortunate end result, Talia Radabaugh Insurance also carries mortality insurance, which reimburses owners for the full price of the stated value of the horse.

“Whether a person has the most competitive horses, to the people that just have a horse as their companion, they are protected,” says Radabaugh. “If the worst outcome happens and they lose their horse, mortality insurance will cover them.”

Getting Started

For owners who are interested in setting up insurance for their horse, it’s as simple as submitting an application to Radabaugh.

“Talia is great to work with and got our horses insured in no time,” says Hunter Thompson, a client of Radabaugh. She is “very professional and has great response time. I highly recommend her to anyone shopping around for insurance.”

Applicants are asked to answer general questions about their horses as well as to provide additional information on their medical history. The application for insurance typically only takes a few minutes per horse, unless additional information is needed from a veterinarian.

“For horses valued over $100,000, we require a vet check,” says Radabugh. “Otherwise, we just need an application. If you have owned the horse for over one year, a justification of value will take place to make sure the horse is worth the insured amount.”

Horses are able to be insured up to 20 years old, and as young as 24-hours-old with a veterinary exam.

“No matter what the circumstance is, I want my clients to feel confident that I have everything under control and that I have their back,” says Radabaugh. 

For more information on Talia Radabaugh Insurance or to start the application process, contact Radabaugh directly at tradabaugh@krs.insure.