The Plaid Horse Questionnaire with Kate Conover

Conover (riding Trust, owned by Glade Run Farm) with Tom Wright

Rider/Trainer at Shadow Ridge Farm

As a horsewoman, I am most proud of my peers considering me a horseman. I always want to put the horse first. That is something that is really important to me. • As a horsewoman, I would most like to improve on showjumping. I feel like I never pushed myself in that ring. I always joke with Sam Schaefer that I don’t jump striped poles! • I’d be lost without my sunscreen in my tack trunk. • A little-known fact about me is I don’t own a ring bag. I honestly own one pair of spurs. I push them up, down, or take them off! • The best part of being a horse professional is getting to work with horses and travel the world. I’ve been to places I thought I would never go. I love working with horses. They have a calming effect on me, and I think I have the same effect on them.

Kate Conover

I wish I had more time to: learn another language. • My favorite horse book is Billy and Blaze. • My favorite non-horse book is The Great Gatsby. • The part of riding I think I’m best at is being able to ride all horses how they want to be ridden. I try to suit the horse, not the other way around. I try to make a relationship with them. I want them to trust me. I think that’s really important. • I’m a sucker for grays and bays! • On Mondays you’ll find me trying not to be at the barn! • The horse person I admire the most is Scott Stewart. I have always wanted to be just like him. • Women in our sport are keeping up with the boys! I love that we compete on the same level. • One of my greatest show ring victories was winning the WCHR pro finals in 2023. 

Conover winning the leading hunter rider award at the Aiken Charity Horse Show

One of the best horse names I’ve heard is Al Capony. • My favorite show is Aiken Charity Horse Shows because Aiken is a great town. They run a lovely show and are so hospitable to all competitors. • The best way to support our fellow riders is to always have their back. We all want to win. We all have good and bad days. Stand by them when they are having a tough day and celebrate their success with them. • My favorite horse show moment was winning the Medal Finals with Grace Debney. We have been helping Grace since she was on small ponies. Quimby was a horse we found in Europe and developed. That moment was so special in so many ways. • My best piece of advice for young riders is don’t give up and keep learning I learn every day. Nothing was handed to me, and I worked for it all. Life has ups and downs. Enjoy the highs and surround yourself with good people to help you get through the lows.

Conover with Samantha Schaefer, high-fiving Grace Debney aboard Quimby after their Medal Finals win