A Guide to eSports Betting For Beginners

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Nowadays, bettors can engage in various betting experiences depending on your interests and preferences. In a previous post, we highlighted some of the biggest horse shows and equestrian events in the world. This includes the Badminton Horse Trials in South Gloucestershire, England, and the World Equestrian Festival CHIO Aachen in Aachen, Germany. Of course, aside from appreciating the showcase of breeds and disciplines from some of the world’s best equestrians, horse shows are also a great avenue for betting.

Yet, not everyone has access to outdoor event venues for horse shows and competitions. For those looking for a more convenient alternative to horse show betting, many digital alternatives are available today, from online sports betting and online casinos to more niche interests. One of the newer options available today is eSports betting, thanks to the continuous rise of the video games industry.

It’s important to note that aside from the difference in medium and subject, betting in eSports can be a different experience. Some of the best eSports betting tips suggest familiarizing yourself with different betting strategies depending on how much you’re willing to bet and your confidence level. Some bettors may prefer a proportional staking method to ensure they don’t exceed their budget, while others may be more disciplined through fixed staking methods to limit the amount they can bet.

If eSports betting sounds interesting to you, it can help to take the time to learn the ins and outs of the process. Doing so can limit your chances of losing and increase your winnings. Below, we’ll be sharing some more eSports betting tips for beginners:

Know your teams

One of the first things you should do is to get to know the eSports teams. This will vary depending on the eSports game you choose to bet on, as many eSports organizations participate in different games and tournaments. As such, a team that performs well at Apex Legends, for example, may have poorer rankings at Valorant or other eSports titles.

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Aside from watching and keeping up with eSports tournaments, one of the best ways to know your teams is to look at team power rankings throughout eSports seasons. If you’re planning on betting on League of Legends (LoL), for example, you may want to keep an eye on South Korea’s T1, where LoL legend Faker recently returned after an injury-based hiatus. It’s also important to keep checking team power rankings and tier lists, as team performances can quickly change depending on player conditions and updates to the game, which brings us to the next point.

Understand the game’s meta

As mentioned above, several factors can play a hand in whether or not an eSports team will perform well. Aside from keeping track of physical and mental player conditions, it also helps to understand the ins and outs of your preferred eSports title, including their meta. 

Video games often receive updates where developers change, add, or remove aspects of the game to keep things fresh or address player concerns. As such, a team or player that performs well in a tournament during one season may perform poorly immediately in the next season due to unforeseen changes to the game or the game’s characters. In the case of tactical shooter Valorant, for example, many fans, teams, and bettors will keep track of the current meta’s character tier list, as characters that may be viable and effective in a previous season may no longer stay that way due to recent updates. While this mainly impacts gamers who play the game, it also affects how eSports teams perform, especially if they fail to adapt.

Learn the different ways to bet on eSports

Finally, it’s important to acquaint yourself with the different was to bet on eSports. Despite its name, eSports betting can feel like an entirely different ball game to traditional sports betting. Placing Super Bowl bets, for example, usually focuses on the general outcome of the game: Which team will win this year? With eSports, however, bettors can choose from several other aspects of a match to place bets on.

Some eSports-specific betting odds include first-blood and first-to-10-kills bets. This means that, on top of betting on which team wins, bettors can also wager on which team would get the first kill in an eSports match. There are also map winner bets, which are popular for eSports tournaments that work in best of three, five, or seven structures, where bettors don’t just bet on the outcome of the series but also on which team would win the first map, the second, and so on.

Ultimately, eSports betting can be a fun and virtual alternative to more traditional forms of betting. Of course, like other forms of betting, this comes with its own risks, which is why it’s important to take the time to do your research and learn about the game and its players. By doing so, you can better your chances of winning.