Guy Thomas and John French Close Out the Weekend With Wins

Guy Thomas and Jonkheer Z win the CWD Grand Prix of Paso Robles Presented by Travel Paso Photo by Alden Corrigan for West Palms Events.


The second week of the Central California Horse Show Series weekend classes wrap up with wins by John French and Small Adventure in the USHJA International Hunter Derby Presented by Cross Creek Farm and Guy Thomas on Jonkheer Z in the CWD Grand Prix of Paso Robles Presented by Travel Paso!

Saturday began with a beautiful display of Artwork by Robert Majaand Josh Talbott and wonderful complimentary wine tasting, courtesy of our Official Winery, CaliPaso WinerySculpterra WineryBarr Estate WineryEberle Winery andLone Madrone. Exhibitors and spectators perused the fine art while tasting chilled wine from some of the best wineries in the region.

The evening continued with three adorable lead line participants kicking off the class, all awarded ribbons by our guest judge, Lindsay Archer ofShady Lane Farm, after much deliberation. Following the lead line, we presented our special Style of Riding Awards Sponsored by Shady Lane Farm. Our Pony Style of Riding Award was presented to Mia Randall, the Amateur Style of Riding Award went to Kristi Siam and the Junior Style of Riding Award Emma Symon. Congratulations riders and thank you to Lindsay and Matt Archer and Shady Lane Farm for their continued sponsorship and support!

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Guy Thomas and Jonkheer Z win the CWD Grand Prix of Paso Robles Presented by Travel Paso. Shown from left: Victoria Soalhat and Ludo Tri of CWD, Taylor Spooner of West Palms Events,Amanda Mandi Diefenderfer and Sandra Sage of TravelPaso and Danielle Ballard of West Palms Events, with Guy Thomas on Jonkheer Z. Photo by Deb Dawson for West Palms Events


“Thank you so much to the Archers, CWD and Travel Paso for their continued support and thank you to everyone who attended the Grand Prix this evening,” said Adrienne Karazissis of West Palms Events. “The weather was beautiful for the event and it was well attended!”

The CWD Grand Prix of Paso Robles Presented by Travel Paso’s course was created by internationally recognized course designer, Catsy Cruz, and took the riders and their horses around the entire Fairway Field Grand Prix on a course that tested speed, stamina and finesse. The course contained 16 efforts including three combinations and long, flowing bending lines.

Kristin Hardin and Nicole Teague’s Firestone S started the CWD Grand Prix of Paso Robles Presented by Travel Paso. Unfortunately, the pair ended up crossing the finish with one time fault to kick off the class. Following Hardin, we saw 13 more horse and rider combinations that acquired faults throughout the trying course. Guy Thomas and Jonkheer Z, owned by Emily Livermore, stepped into the ring and the competition rose to a new level.

The still new team took over the course, clear and in a time of 82.94, putting the first clean ride on the board. It was a full circle moment as Thomas’ father, Butch Thomas, found Jonkheer Z as a seven-year-old for former owner, Karl Cook, and is now back in the Thomas’ care.

Following Guy, we saw defending champions from last week’s LA Saddlery Grand Prix, Lindsay Archer and Rhys Farms’ Camerone. The great partners unfortunately had the last two fences down tonight. We also saw top riders Russell Morgan, Morgan Caplane, Mattias Ekeroth, Matias Fernandez among others who all left the arena with four or more faults.

In the end, Thomas and Jonkheer Z were the only team to go clean, leaving them with a well-deserved blue ribbon and a happy grin! Congratulations to the team on their impressive ride tonight! Hardin and Firestone S came in second with one time fault and Mattias Ekeroth and Dacarlos rounded out the top three as the fastest of the four faulters.

“Butch has always loved the horse,” said Guy Thomas. “I’m as happy winning this Grand Prix for him (Butch) as I am for myself because he loves this horse so much. He (Jonkheer) is such a gentleman and a pet to have in the barn; I am very lucky to ride such a great horse!”

Results for the CWD Grand Prix of Paso Robles Presented by Travel Paso:

Place Number Horse Owner Rider Round 1 Faults Round 1 Time
1 229 Jonkheer Z Emily Livermore Guy Thomas 0 82.938
2 551 Firestone S Nicole Teague Kristin Hardin 1 84.12
3 632 Dacarlos Mattias Ekeroth LLC Mattias Ekeroth 4 80.625
4 274 All Shenanigans Morgan Caplane Morgan Caplane 4 81.129
5 565 Cyrus Blake Gardiner Blake Gardiner 4 81.448
6 234 Carone Sn Stables Llc Simon Nizri 4 81.751
7 580 For Fun Russell Morgan Russell Morgan 4 81.764
8 142 Milano Abigail Weese Mandy Porter 4 83.772
9 340 Nelson T Erika Cooper Erika Cooper 4 87.777
10 148 Little Gancho Moonlite Beach, LLC Marc Grock 5 84.472
11 568 Thumb’s Up Linda Starkman Joie Gatlin 5 84.859
12 158 Quincy Z John Gist Sarah Invicta Williams 7 86.017

Friday evening kicked off the weekend’s special events with a competitive USHJA International Hunter Derby Presented by Cross Creek Farm and the Uryadi’s VillageBBQ Fundraiser and Jump Pledge with Complimentary Wine Tasting!

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Small Adventure shows off his first place ribbon for the USHJA International Hunter Derby Presented by Cross Creek Farm! Photo by Alden Corrigan for West Palms Events








The Uryadi’s Village Fundraiser was a hit, with gourmet burgers from Chef Jeffery Scott and supporters pledging money on whether the Uryadi’s Village Jump would be knocked down, or left up, during Saturday’s CWDGrand Prix of Paso Robles Presented by Travel Paso. Exhibitors also enjoyed complimentary tastings from our Official Winery, CaliPaso Winery, and Sculpterra Winery during the fundraiser!

Guests watched the USHJA International Hunter Derby Presented by Cross Creek Farm while lounging in the tent, which included top hunter riders with multiple rides like John French, Hope Glynn, Peter Lombardo, Hugh Mutch and more! The stately course was designed meticulously by designer John Manning. It included impressive derby jumps such as a new wagon wheel, a large, high log option or a low natural option from our friends at Twin Rivers Horse Park.

After round one, John French, Hugh Mutch, Hope Glynn, Jamie Taylor, and Jessica Allan made up the top 12 placings to move onto the second “handy” round. A few unfortunate mishaps at the split rail heading back to the Lounge Tent, to a long gallop to their final fence, the high and low natural options, left some top finishers in round one lower in the ranking in the handy round.

John French and Small Adventure, who went first in round one, came out on top after the handy round, with Hugh Mutch taking the second and third placings on Bunistar and Brunswick, respectively! Congratulations to the teams on a marvelous USHJA International Hunter Derby and thank you to our sponsors, Cross Creek Farm for your support!

“Congratulations to John on his great ride and thank you to everyone for supporting the USHJA International Hunter Derby Presented by Cross Creek Farm and the Uryadi’s Village Fundraiser,” said Dale Harvey of West Palms Events.

USHJA International Hunter Derby Presented by Cross Creek Farm:

Place Number Horse Owner Rider
1 640 Small Adventure Iwasaki & Reilly John French
2 474 Bunistar Naomi Rubin Hugh Mutch
3 473 Brunswick Airlie llc Hugh Mutch
4 443 Carson Kathryn Taylor Hope Glynn
5 161 Corriendo Tau Karen Trione Hope Glynn
6 521 Soldier Meadow Farm John French
7 641 Small Gesture Iwasaki & Reilly John French
8 719 Banderas Ecole Lathrop John French
9 216 Patton Marion Lowry Jamie Taylor
10 275 Fanciful Jayme Jenkins Jessica Allan
11 469 Agusta Elena Canova Hugh Mutch
12 165 Full Circle Karen Trione Hope Glynn