Notes to my daughter – Life lessons at the horse show

Pictured: Grace McReynolds leading Lorelei Cudney’s Bits N’ Pieces at Colorado Spring Preview 2017 | PC: TPH Intern Mackenzie Shuman

By Averill Pessin 

As parents, we hope our children get two main things from their sport: Short-term fun and long-term life lessons.

Here are some I have shared with my daughter …

Pictured: Grace McReynolds at Colorado Spring Preview 2017
PC: TPH Intern Mackenzie Shuman

You are not the richest kid at the horse show. Or the poorest. 

But you may be one or the other, some time in your life.   If you are humble and kind and work hard, you can be blessed with great opportunities and a wonderful life, no matter how thin your wallet is.

Put your phone down and clap.

Be in the moment. Celebrate your accomplishments, but be gracious. Be happy for people who have more or do better than you. Be loving to those who don’t.

You don’t need to go to the Olympics to compete against the big dogs. 

Dream big, little one. But, as the saying goes, never be unhappy if you miss the moon and fall among the stars. Find successes everywhere, not just at the tippy-top.

Save the emotion for the car ride home.

You can share all of your feelings with me – good, bad and bratty – in private. You are entitled to your feelings, but share them wisely. Know the people who will listen with understanding and counsel with love.

The human head weighs eight pounds.

The human head with a Samshield weighs a little more. Don’t look down for your leads and always be conscious of how your throw your weight around.  Look in the direction you want to go and put every ounce of force you’ve got into it.

Eat snacks before you’re hungry, wear sunscreen and change your socks often.

Take care of yourself. Be prepared.

Always make your safety and well-being a top priority. Find lots of  excuses to wear all of the cute outfits.

Be brave, have a blast and always pat your pony.

 Do things boldly. Be confident in your strengths. Never ever forget that life is to be enjoyed and shared.  Be generous with love, praise and gratitude.

And always … Always … Always have a pocketful of mints.

Pictured: Ava Nunn at Colorado Spring Preview 2017 PC: TPH Intern Mackenzie Shuman

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