USHJA Foundation Update


Lexington, KY – July 14, 2017 – The United States Hunter Jumper Association today announced the official resignations of 11 members of the USHJA Foundation Board of Directors, which were received on July 13.

Since October 2016, the USHJA has been working with the leadership of its foundation to correct structural and governance issues which were fundamental to the continued successful operation of the USHJA Foundation. Throughout that time, the USHJA requested that the Foundation bylaws be restored to language more aligned with the original bylaws under which the Foundation operated when established by the Association.
“Our top priority is doing what’s best for our members, supporters and our sport,” said Mary Babick, USHJA Board president. “We regret that despite our best efforts, these members of the Foundation Board of Directors decided to resign. We thank them for their service.”
The USHJA Foundation was created nearly 10 years ago by the USHJA to advance and promote the hunter/jumper discipline by supporting the Association’s mission and programs. As such, the Association maintains authority over the Foundation, which is required to preserve the Foundation’s status as a supporting organization. The Foundation Board made changes to the bylaws that moved away from the original bylaws that guaranteed this appropriate and mandatory authority.
“We want to thank our members and donors for their continued support,” said Kevin Price, USHJA executive director. “The USHJA fully intends to continue the good work and many benefits provided to the hunter jumper community through its Foundation.”
Additionally, Price says all Foundation grants and scholarships are unaffected.
The USHJA is working with the remaining Foundation board members to complete the necessary structural and governance restoration.
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The United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA), as the official hunter/jumper affiliate of the United States Equestrian Federation, is a competition-based sport organization that serves its members through educational programs, awards and recognition, communication and rules. USHJA provides a wide array of programs for all hunter/jumper levels and is mindful of the well-being of its equine partners. Additionally, USHJA is committed to preserving the history of equestrian sport and, through the USHJA Foundation, support charitable and benevolent services. For more information, please visit