Missy Froley and Park City Top the $5,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby, Presented by THIS

Above photo: Park City and Missy Froley


August 18, 2017 – San Juan Capistrano, CA – Missy Froley and Park City emerged victorious in a class of twenty-two juniors, amateurs, and professionals that competed in the $5,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby, presented by THIS, at the Blenheim Summer Classic. Froley and her six-year-old mount led both rounds with impressive scores of 89 and 87, and finished with an overall total of 176 points to top the field.

The pair had a stellar week, winning every round over fences in the 3′ Green Hunters and the division championship, plus a second in the $1,000 CPHA Green Hunter Incentive class. Their derby victory earned Froley the Blue Ribbon Blankets Winning Training Award and a pair of Roeckl Sports gloves, along with an embroidered cooler and engraved pewter plate.

“We recently purchased Park City at the beginning of this year as a jumper in Europe. He has started out the season competing in the 3′ Green Hunters, and he now competes in the Adult Amateur Hunters with his owner, Lauren Fleming,” Froley said.

Froley summed up the experience of winning on the young mount, who is also a good match for the owner. “My favorite part of my job is watching the juniors, amateurs, and young horses alike develop and improve over time. It is very exciting and satisfying to see the riders’ and horses’ hard work pay off.” 

With an overall score of 173.5, amateur rider David Scapa secured second place and the One K Helmets Highest Placing Amateur Award aboard Dream Catcher. The Plaid Horse Highest Placing Junior Award went to Reeve Sykes and Tonaco. Winner of the Equifit Groom’s Award for the Best Turned Out Horse was Guillermo Flores, who prepared Ashley Haskin’s dappled grey horse Harvard Grad to perfection.

The Las Vegas National will host the final USHJA National Hunter Derby, presented by THIS, of the 2017 Blenheim EquiSports season. Meanwhile, stay tuned for the upcoming CPHA Junior and Amateur Medal Finals and a $30,000 Markel Insurance Grand Prix at the Blenheim Summer Classic.

Dream Catcher and David Scapa


$5,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby 

Placing – Horse – Rider – Owner – Total Score

  1. 423 – Park City – Missy Froley – Lauren Fleming – 176
    2. 454 – Dream Catcher – David Scapa – Holly Scapa – 173.5
    3. 525 – L’Con Reyes – Katie Taylor – Bravado LLC – 172
    4. 424 – Drop The Mic – Missy Froley – Sonja Petri – 169
    5. 329 – Lord Livingston – Robert Sean Leckie – Allie DeSimone – 168.25
    6. 381 – Leoville D – Robert Sean Leckie – Gwen Grierson – 165
    7. 479 – Momma Citta – Lindsey Schiefelbein – Lindsey Schiefelbein – 163.5
    8. 528 – Holland – Katie Taylor – Shama Alghurair – 162
    9. 109 – Gelato – Conor Perrin – Conor Perrin – 161
    10. 331 – Ivy League – Robert Sean Leckie – Ashley Haskins – 159
    11. 332 – Harvard Grad – Robert Sean Leckie – Ashley Haskins – 158

12. 481- Lexington – Lindsey Schiefelbein – Lindsey Schiefelbein – 155.5