Trainer Daphne Thornton Shares Two Bit Training’s Social Media Policy

Photo by Anouska Haantjes


We all enjoy the many benefits that various social media platforms offer. They make it easy to share information, stay in touch, seek facts and data, and connect with like-minded friends and acquaintances.

However, there are also some down-sides. Too often, social media platforms are a quick and easy outlet for unhappy or angry thoughts that would have benefitted from marinating in a sauce of time, further contemplation, and common sense.

Photo by Emily McNeil

In order to support the good and eliminate the bad, Two Bit Training has the following Social Media policies:

  • Nothing negative about this or other programs, or fellow riders, should be posted on any social media platform. Occasional conflicts are a part of life; however, we believe in resolving problems face-to-face, or with the help of your instructor as a mediator. We think we can look at both sides of a situation and come to a fair resolution most of the time.
  • Bullying of any kind through social media is not allowed and should be reported to your instructor immediately any time you feel that it is happening. No children are allowed to tell other children when to ride, who to ride, how to ride, when to show, what to post, etc. If you or your child is getting advice this way, let us know. We’ll take care of it.
  • We all make occasional riding errors, and you are welcome to OCCASIONALLY post one of yours. You are NOT allowed to post someone else’s, nor are you allowed to post compilations of riding mistakes – yours or anyone else’s. You may want to sell your horse someday, and those videos don’t go away. Many of our lesson horses have been loaned to us from close friends – and they wouldn’t appreciate seeing those types of videos featuring their lovely retirees.
  • We don’t go crazy bragging on Facebook and other social media, but we do like to post generalized results (not specific lists of what ribbons you got in every class) after shows, as long as you don’t object. We will post pictures of shows on Facebook, Instagram, etc. We look for pictures that make us all look good! We would ask that you do the same.
  • Sometimes people leave other programs and come to Two Bit Training. Sometimes people leave Two Bit Training and go to other programs. We hope that you remain friends (on social media and in real life) when that happens. We also hope that you will encourage your friends not to engage in social media hating on our program or others. You will still see these people at shows, banquets, etc. and it is much nicer if you can still say hello and be friendly!

Thanks for your assistance in keeping us on the high road! As always, your help is appreciated!