Prospeqs Ride Tracker for Equestrians Available Now in App Store and Google Play

Prospeqs is the first ride tracking app designed for the hunter/jumper community, allowing riders to track their riding performance with ride notes, videos and images

St. Louis, Mo. — July 9, 2019 — Prospeqs Ride Tracker is a ride tracking app for motivated horse riders of any level to track their riding progress against their goals. Key features include a riding journal, along with video and photo upload, sharing and storage. 

Riders can quickly log notes each time they ride, and the app automatically saves the date and location to each entry. Premium subscribers can also add a video or photo to each ride entry. The app displays a snapshot of the previous four weeks’ riding activity on the home screen, along with key stats such as number of show rounds. A powerful ride filter allows riders to access and relive their favorite performances quickly. Riding photos and videos can also be shared with friends or to social media, but any notes added to the ride — such as “could have been straighter to that oxer” — always remain private. 

While Prospeqs was built for riders who’d like an easier way to track their performance against their riding goals, the app serves other purposes as well. Horse owners can use Prospeqs to keep a detailed history, including video, of a horse’s recovery progress after an injury. Junior riders with their sights set on a college riding career can use the app to keep ride videos organized over time, with the goal of easily creating a media portfolio to share with prospective college coaches. Riders can even create a running feed of their riding successes for family and friends who follow their riding career.  

“For me, every ride is a learning experience. And to take control of my own riding progress, I wanted a workable system to store those learnings. I couldn’t find one, so I built it,” explains Catherine Brock, amateur rider and Prospeqs publisher. “Prospeqs is so much more than a digital riding journal. It’s a media archive of your best performances and an easy way to share your riding successes with family and friends.” 

Riders can download Prospeqs on the App Store and on Google Play. The app’s core riding journal features are free to use, without ads. Riders can optionally upgrade to a premium subscription for $5.99 per month, which allows for custom horse images and unlimited video and photo uploads. A subscription is not required to receive shared videos and photos.

About Prospeqs

Prospeqs was built for equestrians who want a better way to log their riding activities and track their performance. The app is a product of Speak LLC, a tiny web publisher based in St. Louis, Mo. That tiny web publisher is owned and run by an amateur rider who came back to riding after a decades-long hiatus and now can’t imagine life without it. Learn more at and follow Prospeqs on Facebook for content on goal-setting and performance improvement.