25 Horse Tattoos Like You’ve Never Seen Before


While I spend a lot of time in pretty, traditional equestrian clothing, I still love tattoos. I’ve got a small collection of animal and literary inspired ink, but recently added a new piece of art to my lower leg to memorialize a beloved horse.

Tattoo art has evolved and changed a lot with new artists bringing in diverse techniques and styles. So I went down the internet rabbit hole to celebrate some modern, truly artistic horse tattoos.

Turn Tattoos into Enamel Pins

Those who are very sensitive to pain, or who don’t want to get a complicated horse tattoo, can have their tattoo design turned into hard or soft enamel pins, through EnamelPins. You can attach them to clothes, backpacks, caps, or anywhere else you want. In addition, if you are a tattoo artist or a tattoo shop owner, I’m sure you are interested in showcasing your own special artistic style. These unique pins are good giveaways to customers which is a effective way to promote your business. If you are planning a racing event, these pins also make great swags.