Inside the Numbers: The Cost of Local Shows

Photo © Lauren Mauldin

What’s that social rule, never talk about money? At The Plaid Horse we believe in having open discussions about the cost of horses and horse showing. It is both educational for young riders who may not realize what their parents are sacrificing for their passion as well eye-opening to those who might wish to show but are unaware of the costs at various levels.

To continue our series, we wanted to put a spotlight on local showing. Many riders support local shows because they can be a more cost effective alternative to rated. So what do the numbers actually look like for these kind of events? We have some sample show bills to give you an idea about costs.

Photo © Lauren Mauldin

One Day Local Show

No groom. No stalls, horses tied to trailer for the day.

  • Hauling (within 20 miles): $40
  • Trainer schooling fee: $50
  • Classes – $20/class for 6 classes: $120
  • Warmup round: $25
  • EMT Fee: $35
  • Office Fee: $10
  • Association Membership Fee: $20

Total: $300

One Day Schooling + One Day Local Show

No groom. Owner did all horse care. Brought supplies from home.

  • Coaching at the facility – $60/day for 2 days: $120
  • Clipped ears, nose, bridlepath & pulled mane: $50
  • Shipping 78 miles x2 at $1/mile: $156
  • Stall – $35/day for 2 days: $70
  • Classes – $15/class for 4 classes: $60
  • Medal Class: $30
  • Hunter Derby: $60
  • Office Fee: $10

Total: $556

One Day Schooling + Three Day Show Local Show

No groom. Owner does all horse care. Shavings must be bought from horse show.

  • Hauling (within 20 miles): $40
  • Stall: $100
  • Shavings – $10/bag x 8 bags: $80
  • Trainer Schooling Fee – $50/day x 4 days: $200
  • Classes – $20/class x 10: $200
  • Mini-Hunter Derby: $30
  • RV Hookup – $35/night x 3 nights: $105

Total: $755

Photo © Lauren Mauldin

For some, these numbers are huge. To others, it’s what they spend on a fancy dinner. The horse world has quite the range on what is considered expensive, but that only means that there are a variety of options when choosing what kind of show works best for you and your budget. Whether you’re showing local to save on money, give a green horse miles, or simply because you like it, all that matters is that you enjoy getting out with your horse!

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