Tips on How to Combine Horse Riding Lessons & College Studies


Enrolling into a college is a big step, which is never simple. Being a college student is much different from being a high schooler. It implies a higher academic load and a whole new level of responsibility.

At the same time, many people recall their campus years as the best time of their lives. Apart from studying, many young people engage in various extracurricular activities and sports.

If you’ve been into sports way before college, the chances are that you would like to continue training. In some cases, it is not too hard. For example, most educational facilities have football, baseball, basketball, and other common sports included in the program. However, what to do if you are into horse riding? How do you combine it with studies? Let’s figure this out!

Top Tips to Keep Up With Everything at College

To begin with, we have to admit that combining studies with anything else is hard. Shifting from high school to college is a big jump, that’s for sure. From now on, the workload you are expected to handle will be twice as intense compared to school. This basically means you are going to have twice less time for everything else.

However, this does not mean that it is impossible to combine studies with equestrianism lessons. Hard, but not unattainable! All you need to succeed is a wise approach, good time management, tenacity, and our simple tips.

1. Plan Ahead

The best way to figure out whether it will be possible for you to continue taking horse riding lessons while being a student is to plan ahead. Before choosing and applying to a particular school, consider the following questions:

  • Can you stay at home or choose a nearby location?
  • Can you afford to bring your horse along?
  • Are there equestrianism classes available in the area you are heading to?
  • Is your future curriculum flexible enough to give you spare time for other things?
  • Does a chosen school has a riding team you could join?

Answering these questions will help you to choose the most optimal educational facility that won’t get in the way of your hobby.

2. Think of a Plan B

If you are trying to combine studying with sports, work, or anything else, you have to always stay prepared for the unexpected. For example, your next competition is just around the corner and you suddenly get assigned to write an essay that has the same due date. This can be pretty stressful, so you need to have a backup plan.

The easiest and smartest way to handle unexpected tasks is to entrust them to professionals. Every student should have a trusted academic help service like at hand to help them handle even the hardest tasks. If you add such a service to your college toolkit, you will never have to choose between failing an assignment or your riding practice.

3. Get Organized

If you are hoping to combine studying with other matters, then proper organization, time-management, and planning should become your best friends.

To keep with everything, you have to plan your days or even weeks in advance. You should carefully craft your schedule to ensure that you’ve allocated enough time for everything.

If you are not yet good at planning, use available organizational tools and apps to your benefit. Luckily, today there is plenty of handy software that will help you get on track and stay organized every day.

4. Start Saving

Apart from the lack of time, lack of money can also get in your way. It is not a secret that most students are on a budget and rarely can afford extra expenses. Thus, to make sure you have enough cash for riding lessons and competitions, you need to start saving money!

There are quite a few ways to save money as a student. You can pack lunches, cook at home instead of eating out, cut down your expenses on subordinate things, etc.

Additionally, you can consider finding a job. However, keep in mind that a job will also require a sufficient amount of time, so it can get in the way of your studies and horse riding classes.

5. Join Your School’s Riding Team

Probably the easiest way to combine sports and academics is to get into a college team. The same applies to horse riding. Although this type of sport may not be as common in colleges as football or basketball, some schools do have it and if yours is among them, it is your best shot to combine what you love with studies.

6. Find Equestrian Outfit that Doesn’t Look Odd

Most students engaged in sports love taking a few hours of training in the morning before their lectures begin. This can be a good opportunity for you to combine horse riding and college. However, you have to make sure that your riding clothes won’t look out of place in a classroom.

Why does this matter? Well, taking some time to practice before lectures is seemingly a good idea. However, it brings along a risk to be late to your lectures. Thus, for the case, if you are running short of time, it is good to ensure that you can go to a class right in your riding outfit and feel comfortable.

7. Make the Most of Your Holidays

Just like it used to be at school, college students get several weeks of holidays throughout the year and a few months in the summer. For most students, this means the time to relax and forget about studying. However, for you, it can mean lots of riding time to catch up on everything you’ve missed during the academic year!

Thus, our last tip is to make good use of your holidays! Think of this time as of the opportunity to devote all of your time to horse riding!

These simple tips should help you find ways to combine horse riding lessons with your academic life. Follow them to keep up with everything and succeed!