Over 100 Years of Trusted Grooming Technology: The Straight Arrow Family of Brands

Photo © SAS Equine Photography

Straight Arrow Products, Inc., founded by Phillip and Bonnie Katzev in 1970, is proudly owned and operated by second generation, Devon B. Katzev.

Phil and Bonnie had a passion for raising and showing Arabian horses, Phil, a big ad executive in New York City, was the mastermind behind the development of the Original Mane ‘n Tail Conditioner. The Katzev family started selling the product at the horse show events because people noticed the outstanding results on their horses, followed up further by grass roots sales efforts right out of the trunk of their car. Growing up on the family farm, working with horses and filling products out of their home to build the business, was a huge part of Devon’s life and has led to his dedication and pride in the company that everyone knows and trusts today. Straight Arrow found life in the equine world when the conditioner was developed for horses with long, flowing manes and tails.  Horse owners were using harsh dish washing detergents that were striping the hair of essential oils, the Original Mane ‘n Tail Conditioner was specifically designed to counteract the harm that was being done. After that the rest was history! Horse owners then started using the product on themselves, realizing the benefits they saw on their own horses and decided to ‘discover the secret’ for themselves. By word of mouth the company expanded into personal hair care and took the world by storm. Straight Arrow now consists of a rapidly growing Mane ‘n Tail Personal Care line, the original Mane ‘n Tail Equine line, recently acquired Cowboy Magic Equine line and the newest member of the family, the Exhibitor’s Equine line. We’ve got you covered from the barn to the shower, keeping you and your favorite four-legged friends’ hair clean and healthy.

Devon B. Katzev, President of Straight Arrow; Photo © Gus Phillipas.

All of our products are still made here is the USA. “Straight Arrow is a unique family-owned company,” Devon says. He continues, “We don’t just sell products; we innovate and make them from start to finish in our own manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. We know what is in our products, and we have been using only the finest natural ingredients long before it became trendy to do so. That’s one of the reasons we have made it to 50 years. Our customers trust our brand and our products. Our company’s original values remain the same. Our persistence and our dedication to listening to our customers and caring about their needs are the reasons our brand and our products have such a loyal following.”

Our Original Mane ‘n Tail Equine line is one of the leading grooming brands that is tried, true and trusted by groomers, horse-owners and horse-enthusiasts for 50 years! The Original Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo provides a deep-down clean for both hair and skin, while fortifying and strengthening the coat, mane and tail. When the conditioner was designed, the science behind it was to create a product that took the unique makeup of horse’s hair into consideration and reverse the damage caused by environmental impact along with harsh grooming products. It didn’t take long for horse owners to notice the positive effect that the product was making on their horse’s coats, manes and tails. From being mixed in the family kitchen to our new state of the art facility, the same reliability has remained.

Photo © SAS Equine Photography

It seemed like the perfect fit when previous owner of Cowboy Magic, Jim Cummings, was ready to hand over the reins of Cowboy Magic, to have it join the Straight Arrow family of products. From one family owned company to another it was trusted that the quality and integrity would be maintained and the Cowboy Magic products that everyone loves, and trusts would only continue to flourish. Cowboy Magic Detangler & Shine, the grooming line’s superstar product, found in tack boxes all over the world, has proven to be the perfect addition to our equine family of products. With the clean, signature scent of rosewater, Cowboy Magic not only gets your horses and dogs looking good, but they smell good too, emphasizing the Cowboy Magic motto ‘When Performance Counts.’ “With Cowboy Magic the synergy was simple, Jim and I both understood the personal feeling that people get when they connect with a family owned, family run brand. We didn’t fix what wasn’t broken, we just took Cowboy Magic to more retail outlets and a bigger playing field. Jim had started a solid foundation to build upon and it is almost 25 years strong,” says Katzev.

Photo © SAS Equine Photography

Our newest addition to the Straight Arrow family, Exhibitor’s grooming products, are the professional solution for that blue-ribbon excellence! Best known in the industry for specializing in color-enhancing shampoos for horses. Thirty years ago, founder, Cy Faries, took his expertise directly from the personal hair care world developing breakthrough technology that alters the way light interacts with each hair shaft to enhance the intensity of color without the use of harsh chemicals, bleaches or dyes. Exhibitor’s ‘hero’ product that is synonymous with getting your gray horse whiter than white, is Quic Silver Shampoo! With a full line of amazing grooming products, ‘Groom like you mean it!’ Exhibitor’s tagline has never been more relevant than it is now!

“We are 50 years strong and looking forward to the next 50 all while upholding our promise of ‘satisfying the customer.’ ”As president, I’ve been and continue to be committed to building long-lasting relationships with our employees, customers, community, vendors, and retail partners,” Devon says. He adds, “We benefit from having dedicated, longtime employees who care about always finding ways to make our products and our company even better. We look forward to what the future holds and continually bringing new products to the marketplace to enrich your grooming experience.”

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