We all know Redingote for reinventing the coverall. This company, founded in 2018 by two women who needed something better for their equestrian lifestyle, produced a piece of essential barnwear in their winter suit. The suit has pockets, carrying straps for spurs, crops, and more, and is warm and fashionable. What more could an equestrian want?

It turns out, there is something else: a rain suit made with all the same features and then some meant for the equestrian who works and rides in all weather. Founders Allison Malenfant and Connie DeMaio once again created something brilliant out of necessity. They looked around at the rain gear on the market and were dissatisfied with their choices.

Photo © Redingote

“Everything was flimsy, would rip easily or get sticky, or was too hot,” Connie said. “Or the jackets wouldn’t keep your breeches dry.” So the two took the concept of the coverall and made their rain suit out of ripstop material that is light, breathable, and completely waterproof that covers your body in one efficient piece. “We listened to what our customers loved about the winter suit, added what they’d like to see, and created the rain suit based on their feedback,” she explained.

Like with the winter suit, the rain suit features zippers on the legs for easy pull on over boots, an interior cinch cord in the waist for an adjustable fit, and secure pockets. New to the rain gear are some exciting additions, including a removable/adjustable jodphur stirrup in the bottom of the leg to keep the pant leg in place while riding and a hood that fits over most helmets but will roll back to standard hood size when the wearer doesn’t have a helmet on. Armpit zips and back ventilation allow for additional air flow. As with the winter suit, the rain suit is available in regular and short inseams and in sizes XXS-XXL.

Photo © Redingote

“What we think is most amazing about this rain gear piece is the fabric,” Allison said. “We did a lot of searching and testing and landed on the most breathable waterproof fabric we have ever seen. Even while riding in warmer temperatures, it does not get sticky and wet inside the way other rain gear does.”

Allison and Connie will launch the rain suit in May 2020.

Photo © Redingote

The rain suit will be available online at Stay in touch with Allison and Connie and be among the first to know when the rain suit launches by following them on Instagram @redingote_equestrian
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