Needlepoint Belts Add Some Pop & Tradition to Your Show Attire


Tradition tells us that show attire should not stray from solid, dark shades. As of late however, we have seen more variation in colors in the hunter and equitation ring. From maroon coats to navy blue helmets, there are new fashion statements that catch the eye. For those of us who may not be as bold, and want to stick with tradition, there is another way to add your own bit of style.

Since the 17th century, needlepoint has existed in different aspects of the world around us, on pillows, wall art, and carpets. But did you know that you can also get needlepoint belts? These accessories add just the small amount of smartness to your fancy duds. Here are some ideas of what you could wear!

Not only are these great for the show ring, but also a great way to add a horsey touch to your everyday outfits. For anyone who is bold enough, you could even try to make your own with some practice.