Hagyard Pharmacy’s Relyne GI Approved to be Sold in the United Kingdom


It is the first of the Resolvet line of products to gain approval, with more to come across Europe and around the world

Lexington, KY: Hagyard Pharmacy announced that its equine digestive health supplement, Relyne GI, has been approved for sale in the United Kingdom beginning in July of this year. Relyne’s all-natural qualities and patented MHB3® hyaluronan (HA), along with Hagyard’s reputation, have captured the attention of the horse industry in Europe.

“Hagyard is a well-known name among horsemen in Europe, and when we discovered they had proprietary products created under their direction, we wanted to learn more,” said Brendan Emery, Director of BKE Associates/Merlin Vet Export, the group that will be distributing the product in the U.K. and Europe. “After speaking with their lead vets, we knew we had a unique opportunity on our hands.”

The 100% vegan supplement offers the unique combination of stomach buffering HA and the immune-boosting effects of a beta glucan to support digestive health, and is the result of a study conducted by Nathan M. Slovis DVM, Dipl. ACVIM, CHT, of the Hagyard Equine Medical Institute.

“Relyne GI is one of several products in the Resolvet line that were created to help address some of the unfortunate side effects of other products in the industry,” stated Dr. Slovis. “This combination of hyaluronan and beta glucan provides support that is both effective and gentle on the GI tract.”

In addition to Relyne GI, the Resolvet product line includes Reflex HA (for joint support), Relyte HA (an electrolyte with added calcium and HA), Relieve (an intestinal adsorbent), Revyve (a pre and probiotic), Repair (for hoof condition) and Resolve (a topical antimicrobial spray). The entire line may soon be available for purchase outside the U.S.

“We’re focused on Relyne for now, but we’ve definitely seen interest for other Resolvet products across multiple countries,” said Emery. “In fact, one country has expressed interest in the entire line. It should be an exciting year.”

More information about Relyne GI and the other products in the line can be found at Resolvet.com.

About Hagyard Pharmacy: Hagyard Pharmacy is a full-service equine pharmacy located in Lexington, Kentucky. It is affiliated with the Hagyard Equine Medical Institute and its 140+ years of equine veterinary experience, making it the number one name in equine health. This affiliation gives Hagyard Pharmacy a unique perspective in providing compounds, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, and supplements to the equine industry. This has led to the development of innovative products, such as the Resolvet line products that is inspired and developed by pharmacists to address specific needs for equine supplements and performance aids. The Resolvet line includes Relyne GI for gastric support, Reflex HA for joint support, Revyve digestive support, Relyte HA electrolyte paste, Relieve intestinal adsorbent, Repair hoof oil, and Resolve antimicrobial spray. For more information, visit hagyardpharmacy.com and resolvet.com.

About Hagyard Equine Medical Institute: With more than 50 veterinarians and 144 years behind it, Hagyard Equine Medical Institute is the oldest and one of the largest private equine veterinary practices in the world. Based in Lexington, Kentucky, the facility, located across the street from the Kentucky Horse Park, boasts superior ambulatory services, the world-renowned Davidson Surgery Center, McGee Medicine and Fertility Centers, Hagyard Laboratory, Hagyard Sports Medicine & Podiatry Center, and hyperbaric medicine facilities. For more information, visit hagyard.com.

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