If You Had One Magical Day to Spend with Horses, What Would You Do?

Amy Maw photographed by Melinda Price.

And money is no object! Heather Harelik Tseng posed this great question in The Plaid Horse Adult Amateur Lounge on Facebook and we loved daydreaming along with you. Here are some of our favorite answers…

Gallop alongside giraffes in Kenya.”  ~ Mimi Polson

Jump at Spruce Meadows in the  big grass international ring.”  ~ Beth Chaffee Dray

Have one more ride on my retired horse.”  ~ Celia Norman

 “Foxhunting! I’d also magically give myself the actual courage to do it!”  ~ Caroline Jeffs Marks

Freestyle going into the ring to  Bob Seger’s ‘Old Time Rock ‘n Roll.’”  ~ Carol Moffatt

Show at Devon!! It’s always been the dream.” ~ Rachel VanDemark

Originally from the September 2020 issue.