What Do You Wish You Knew Before Becoming a College Athlete?

The Plaid Horse asked this question to the College Equestrian Facebook group. Here are some of our favorite answers …

“Find quiet moments at the barn! Sometimes between practice, workouts, classes, and jobs, it’s easy to forget to take a breath.”  —Sydney Linter

“Core strength really does do a world of difference for your seat.” —Amy Crysler

“At the end of the day, your connection with the horse is more important than the ribbons. Winning doesn’t make you a good rider. Hard work and dedication does.” —Olivia Gaddy

“It’s important to do things with your team-mates that don’t involve the horses. Yes, you’re there to ride, but college is also about the friendships, so make sure they are strong!” —Libby Maness

“Actually pay attention in class and work to get all your schoolwork done during your class hours. It was so much easier to focus on athletics and horses when I knew I didn’t have to come home to schoolwork.” —Willow Kearns

“I think it’s important to remember to give yourself a break sometimes. Being a student athlete is a lot to begin with. Take time to do things outside of it so that you can go in to every ride, show, or practice with an open mind and excitement.” —Erin Hankins