More Repurposed Horseshoe Craft Ideas Than You’ll Ever Know What to Do With

Does your barn have a pile of old horse shoes? Have you kept a set from a special horse that’s been sitting around? We joke that our horses get shoes more often than us, but what to do with the leftovers? Just look at these creative ideas. You may never look at a horseshoe the same way again!

There’s like, a lot of macramé.

Try some accessories for your boots.

Some handy home (or barn) organization.

Memorialize a special horse.

Make a planter!

They beg to hold bottles.

Sprinkle a little equestrian flair in your home.

They’re great in the kitchen.

And can be lovely and decorative.

Did you know horseshoes often disguise as other animals?

(or flowers)

And they’re perfect for every holiday!

Or to share sentiments.

That’s it. It’s official. Time to go make some horseshoe crafts out of that old, rusty pile!