Who Jumped It Best? $100,000 Lone Star State Grand Prix


Twenty-one-year-old Daisy Ford and her longtime partner, Gatsby, topped the $100,000 Lone Star State Grand Prix on Saturday night, February 27, at the Texas Winter Series IV in Katy, TX.

However, while Ford and Gatsby may have ridden away with the Lone Star State National Grand Prix Trophy, it’s up to you to determine who deserves a “Who Jumped It Best?” trophy, based on their photo!

The nominees are:

  • Colleen Acosta and Lancome
  • Daisy Ford and Gatsby
  • Frankie Owens and Malibu
  • Genevieve Munson and Zonderling
  • Keely McIntosh and So Live Helau
  • Martien van der Hoeven and Morris Horta
  • Matt Cyphert and Lochinvar
  • Trapp O’Neal and Baltazar D Z