Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event: Dressage Day 1 Gallery

Doug Payne & Starr Witness, currently tied for 1st in the 4*. Photo © Heather N. Photography


With both a 4* and a 5* event happening this weekend, the dressage ring was busy with tests during the first official day of competition. The first group of the 4* concluded with a three-way-tie. Tamie Smith (USA) and Danito, Doug Payne (USA) and Starr Witness, and Liz Halliday-Sharp (USA) and Cooley Moonshine all received a score of 28.1 from judges Helen Brettell (GBR) and Mark Weissbecker (USA).

In the 5*, Marilyn Little & RF Scandalous sit in first with a score of 21.7. Following a few points behind are Oliver Townend & Cooley Master Class with a 24.1 and William Fox Pitt & Oratorio with a 27.9.

Dressage competition for both events continues tomorrow!

Tamra Smith & Danito, currently tied for 1st in the 4*
Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp & Cooley Moonshine, currently tied for 1st in the 4*
Marilyn Little & RF Scandalous are in 1st in the 5*
Oliver Townend & Cooley Master Class in 2nd in the 5*
William Fox Pitt & Oratorio sit in 3rd in the 5*
Robert Meyerhoof & Albano execute a lovely levade… unfortunately not on the test.
William Coleman & Tight Lines
Boyd Martin & Luke 140
Leslie Law & QC First Class
Phillip Dutton & Fernhill Singapore
Bruce Davidson Jr. & Jak My Style
Colleen Loach & FE Goldeneye
Boyd Martin & Long Island T
Doug Payne & Vandiver
Matthew Flynn & Wizzerd