Hannah Loly and Quitana 11 Save The Best For Last in $20,000 Interactive Mortgage 1.30m Classic – Final Zone 10 NAYC Pre-Junior Trial

Hannah Loly and Quitana 11

Temecula, Calif. – June 5, 2021 – Following an exciting first NAYC class for Zone 10 Young Riders on Friday, June 5, at Galway Downs with the $1,500 Voltaire 1.45m JR/AO/AM Speed Special, it was the Pre-Juniors’ turn in the spotlight taking to the Grand Prix Arena for their last chance at precious points in the $20,000 Interactive Mortgage 1.30m Classic – Final Zone 10 NAYC Pre-Junior Trial. After a heart-stoppingly fast and high-stakes jump-off, Hannah Loly saved the best for last claiming the ultimate victory aboard Quitana 11. 

Fourty-nine riders followed a traditional USEF Table II.2a featuring a lengthy 15-effort first round designed by Anderson Lima (BRA) which featured two triple combinations and a plank jump. With a time allowed of 79 seconds, riders were tasked with not only riding a clean track in order to secure a coveted position in the jump-off, but also racing the clock. As the first few horse-and-rider combinations took to the first track, it became evident that Anderson’s course was trickier than it appeared. Competitors chances at a podium position were stripped away with the faults they incurred from either dislodged rails or pesky time faults. 

The first rider to secure his spot in the jump-off was young-rider, Zacko Hardin. Having already practiced their footspeed in Friday’s speed class, Hardin and the highly experienced ex-grand prix horse, Eminent opted to take a tidy and conservative track. Their careful planning paid off as the duo landed well within the time allowed coming in hot with a time of 71.485. Eager to face off with Hardin, Cameron Trimino immediately followed up his impressive performance with one of her own. Trimino carefully navigated the track with precision, using up nearly every second of the time allowed clocking in at 78.017 aboard Quantum. The duo were the first of 13 other horse-and-rider combinations to claim their place in the jump-off. 

Hardin was the first to pioneer the 8-obstacle jump-off. Known for his lightning fast pace, Hardin and Eminent were rearing to tackle the track. The duo galloped into the ring and blazed around the course. Though the pair were on pace to set a competitive time, their struggle in the triple combination not only cost them a rail, but also a time fault. Fellow young rider, Trimino and Quantum immediately followed, becoming the first pair to lay down a clean track. She and Quantum took over the top spot with a time of 41.385. Trimino set herself up to have a target on her back for the rest of the class as her fellow competitors would stop at nothing to outdo her performance. 

Hannah Loly and Quitana 11
Hannah Loly and Quitana 11

Knowing full-well it would need to be a bold ride to take over first place, Hudsyn Horn turned up the heat with her own 10-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare Gochka. At just 16 years-old, the juvenile rider showed great maturity and impressive riding beyond her years, attacking the fences and turning on a dime. Her gutsy ride proved to be exactly what it took to get to the top of the leaderboard. With a time of 38.429, Horn broke into a new time bracket and became the new ride to beat. 

Maison McIntyre and Cadeau R
Maison McIntyre and Cadeau R

As the order of go approached the final few, it seemed as though no one could deliver a ride better than Horn’s. Competitors threw their conservative style to the wind and rode as competitively as they could in hopes of unseating the leader, which is exactly what Maison Mcintyre did aboard her own 11-year-old Oldenburg gelding, Cadeau R. The young rider sat tall with only speed on her mind. They raced around course confidently leaping to the final fence. The crowd waited with anticipation to see if her fearless ride was enough to take over the first place position. When 37.56 flashed on the Interactive Mortgage scoreboard, the arena roared with excitement as a new leader was crowned. 

Kaitlin Campbell and Cavalier Kate
Kaitlin Campbell and Cavalier Kate

The exciting jump-off had the audience sitting on the edge of their seats. With only a few remaining in the order of go it seemed unlikely that the scoreboard would see a near complete shakeup. Though, with Kaitlin Campbell next at the in-gate, there was sure to be a fight to the finish as she saddled up with her own 11-year-old Irish Sport Horse mare, Cavalier Kate. The queen of speed showcased her seniority, taking the reins and piloting her equally ambitious mare straight to the top of the leaderboard with a mind boggling time of 36.348. 

WIth only one rider remaining in the order it was all or nothing for Hannah Loly. She and Quitana 11 were up against one of the fastest riders on the West Coast, and gave everything they had over the 8 fences on course. The arena fell silent as the duo began their round, slowly building their cheers to screams as Loly and Keri Potter’s 15-year-old Holsteiner mare hunted down the final line on course like a heat seeking missile. In a shocking turn of events, Loly and Quitana 11 proved that it was possible to go even faster, clocking in at a near unbelievable 36.008. Loly saved the best for last, taking on not just one but three blisteringly fast times and rightfully hoisting the championship trophy. 

Hannah Loly and Quitana 11
Hannah Loly and Quitana 11

Prior to the evening’s highlight event, young riders kicked off the action in the Grand Prix Arena with the $5,000 1.20m Classic-NAYC Children Qualifier sponsored by Equ Lifestyle Boutique where Emma Mann-Meginniss took home the blue ribbon aboard Cianna Z. Danielle Vahdat and Gernice Van De Postbaan topped the podium in the $1,500 1.35m Medium Jr/AO/AM Jumper Classic, sponsored by Equifit while Brooke Morin and NKH Carrido claimed the top prize in the $2,500 1.45m High Jr/AO/AM Jumper Classic, sponsored by Kask.

After one of the most exciting jump-offs of the entire series concluded, the highest scoring NAYC candidates were invited back to the Grand Prix Arena. Of the deep field of incredibly talented young riders, it was Maison Mcintyre who took top honors aboard Cadeau R. Cameron Trimino and Quantum took the second highest score, while Sahana Ganesan rounded out the top three highest scoring riders with Fast Lucca.  

Maison McIntyre and Cadeau R
Maison McIntyre and Cadeau R

The nail-biting competition at the Temecula Valley National Series, sponsored by Interactive Mortgage comes to dramatic conclusion on Sunday, May 6, with the $50,000 1.45m Classic – Final Zone 10 NAYC Young Rider Trial. 


On Quitana 11:
“I rode Quitana and she was the second one I had in this class. I have had her for a couple years now, but I have not been consistently showing for a while and I have not shown since August because I went to college in Boston. She is awesome! She is very, very fast. She is super perfect for these kinds of things and is just amazing.”

On her strategy for the class:
“The first round, I had already had one in it and I had one rail down but she was really good so I basically tried to do a similar sort of thing and “Quin” is super careful so I wasn’t really worried about the time allowed. I just wanted to take my time with her becuase you will never really have a time fault. Then in the jump-off, I can’t really think very fast on her because she already goes so fast and is so quick in the air. I was planning on doing both of the eight-strides and I ended up doing nine in the first one and then the eight. Then I was just focusing on being really quick on all the roll-backs, which I think was a strong suit in this jump-off because I had really good roll-backs. Other than that I just let her do her thing because she is very quick.” 

Hannah Loly and Quitana 11
Hannah Loly and Quitana 11

On her plans for the week:
“I have shown just about everyday. I had one in the 1.35m [$5000 1.35m Welcome Stake] that was Wednesday, then there was another 1.35m [Jumper] on Thursday, and I did a 1.40m [$1,500 1.40m JR/AO/AM Speed Special – Zone 10 NAYC Junior Trial] yesterday and I was third in that on that mare [Ayma De La Demi Lune] I will compete in the Grand Prix tomorrow, and she is just coming back from an injury. But I really like the courses overall. The jump-off was really cool. I like when you get to do all the fun stuff and the tight turns instead of just dead running at them because it can kind of get boring.”

Hannah Loly and Quitana 11
Hannah Loly and Quitana 11

Maison McIntyre – 1st place NAYC Candidate

On Cadeau R:
“I got Cadeau almost a year ago now. We moved up to the 1.30m six months ago and he is a super horse. We found our way pretty quickly and I moved up to my first 1.10m on him. We’ve come a long way and he’s a super awesome horse.” 

On her strategy:
“Today I knew I just had to be super smooth and have a nice round. He was super. He couldn’t have been better. He jumped amazing, I just wanted to be smooth but he was awesome. I train with Willow Tree Farm. I definitely need to work on my turns [before NAYC], I definitely have a little bit of a hard time turning and getting all of the inside turns, but it will come.”

Maison McIntyre and Cadeau R
Maison McIntyre and Cadeau R

On showing at the Temecula Valley National:
“The courses have been super nice. Yesterday was great as well as today. Everything has been super amazing, I love this show. I think [the show] is awesome, I love Ali [Nilforushan] and the hospitality is so nice. Everything about it is great.”


Place / Horse / Rider / Owner / R1 Faults / R1 Time / R2 Faults / R2 Time
1. Quitana 11 / Hannah Loly / Keri Potter / 0 | 74.01 / 0 | 36.01
2. Cavalier Kate / Kaitlin Campbell / Kaitlin Campbell / 0 | 74.51 / 0 | 36.35
3. Cadeau R / Maison Mcintyre / Maison Mcintyre / 0 | 77.47 / 0 | 37.56
4. Ferdinand W / Aya Clear / Akm Concept LLC / 0 | 74.02 / 0 | 37.95
5. Gochka / Hudsyn Horn / Hudsyn Horn / 0 | 72.67 / 0 | 38.43
6. Concord 65 / Hannah Heidegger / Monarch International / 0 | 75.41 / 0 | 38.55
7. Fast Lucca / Sahana Ganesan / Iron Horse Equestrian / 0 | 77.07 / 0 | 39.26
8. Foxxy / Sarah Invicta Williams / Invicta Farms, INC / 0 | 72.42 / 0 | 40.30
9. Quantum / Cameron Trimino / Cameron Trimino / 0 | 78.02 / 0 | 41.39
10. Imani Van De Heffinck / Dezraye Choi / Kate Jutagir / 0 | 77.55 / 0  |  41.43
11. Rainland Flurry / Audra Fleck-snijders / Robert V. Fleck Dvm, LLC / 0 | 71.80 / 0 | 44.25
12. Ezmeralda Eh Z / Hallie Buttenwieser / Altaire Ventures / 0 | 73.92 / 4 | 37.51