Get a nice and dense lawn

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On you will find whatever you need for big and for small garden projects. Here you can for example order soil and sand. is one of the biggest suppliers for supplying material in bigbags. If you need a larger amount of top dressing, it can be an advantage to order it in a bigbag. It is easy, fast and you do not have to wear several tons of top dressing from a supermarket. Also they are specialised in grass seeds purchase of rolling grass and lawn dressing in bigbags for the lawn.When you are starting on a new garden project, like grass seeding to get a dense lawn, you will usually have a lot of questions. Whether you buy in their shops or not, you can get good advice from their employees.  


The lawn soil provides the optimal conditions for green and lush growth. Topdressing, which is a fertilizer and leveling product for the lawn, can be used for several different purposes, for example: When one’s old lawn needs to be refreshed or a  new lawn must be laid. You can use it for leveling an uneven lawn and for combating moss and pests. It is relatively easy to fertilize your lawn with top dressing, and you should not be afraid of doing something wrong. If you follow a few simple rules, the top dressing should make your lawn stand out perfectly. The few rules to follow are these 5: Remove loose moss and leaves, air the lawn, mow the lawn, spread the top dressing, sow the new grasseeds. 

The right lawn for your horse 

As spring approaches the horses stand ready at the joint and cannot wait to get on the grass. But grass is not just grass. What is “horse-friendly” grass and what is not and which seeds should you buy? The grass that is best suited for horses is the one that is good at forming wood dust without turning into straw and has a lower sugar value. Within different grass species, there are different subspecies. So it really can get nerdy to read your way into it. In general, just keep in mind that horses can consume larger amounts of grass than, for example, hay or straw, because there is a lot of moisture in it and thereby the chewing time is reduced. This also means that the greatest impact on sugar uptake is the amount of sugar in the grass, rather than weather conditions.