Literacy in Writing Texts is the Key to Success

It is important to have a skill of writing and editing texts, because you will always have to write correctly in your life. So, now at school we recommend to gain experience and knowledge to be successful at work. Then you can use resume checker to have a good description of your skills.

What is a literacy?

Literacy is a word with many meanings. It determines first of all the level of education and culture, and finally – intelligence.

Literacy is the degree of mastery of reading and writing skills in accordance with the grammatical norms of the native language, as well as the main indicator of cultural and social development of the population.

The ability to write competently, coherently and logically present one’s thoughts is part of a person’s general culture. No matter how high a person reaches power, no matter how rich them are, they will never become cultured if thye write illiterately and cannot connect two words.

Literacy, in fact, is the knowledge of exceptions to the rules of writing and pronunciation in the native language. The sooner a person begins to learn these rules, the more correctly he will write later. That is why literate language and writing have always been a sign of caste, a distinctive feature of educated and cultured people. They understood perfectly well that if we allow the spelling of words on the principle of “as we hear, so we write”, then there can be no question of any literacy, because everyone hears in their own way.

Nation significance 

Language is one of the characteristics that define a nation. Therefore, the unity of language and its rules can be considered a guarantee of the unity of the nation and an obstacle to its stratification and disintegration. When some begin to fight for the simplification of grammar and spelling rules, they advocate for the simplification of thinking. It is clear that these include people who themselves can not master grammar due to laziness and incompetence. You should not go to them for a reason.

Now the problem of literacy is becoming more acute. It is no longer uncommon for announcers of central television channels to make mistakes in words, and the pages of central newspapers abound in grammatical errors. The school no longer provides knowledge that allows graduates to be considered educated people, so the task of everyone who considers himself a native speaker, to master it independently and enjoy the richness of the language to the fullest.

Other reasons

People cannot be useful to society if they are illiterate: it is impossible to develop modern culture and art, to clearly defend their interests in various diplomatic negotiations and international conferences.

Also, literacy is the availability of knowledge in a field, it contributes to the development of science and technology. Nowadays, a person needs to own a computer in order to keep up with modern requirements.