Taylor Winther Blair Secures BC Victory in CET Medal National Championship at Royal West

Taylor Winther Blair champion of the CET Medal National Finals at the 2021 Royal West.

Edited Press Release

Calgary AB, Nov 4, 2021 – Moments ago in a closely contested National Finals, it was Taylor Winther Blair who secured the victory for her home province British Columbia, which continues to flex its muscle in Equestrian Canada’s most prestigious Medal program.

With a new format in 2021, that better exemplifies what riders will face in their future endeavors in the Jumper ring, a Jump off round replaced the traditional ride off with the top 4 riders who were formerly asked to perform miscellaneous tasks with their horses.  “After several requests from notable professionals in the sport, including Course Designer Peter Holmes, who designed the very first regional finals in 1988, and elite Show Jumping rider John Anderson, it was decided that a Jump off would be a much better test to showcase the skills of future Grand Prix riders.” said Fran McAvity, head of the Jumping rules committee, and longtime supporter of the CET Medal program.

An extremely happy Taylor was asked about her victory in this prestigious Championship, and about the new format. “I thought it was good, and a great change to the CET Medal,” she answered.  “My goal is to get to the Grand Prix level of the sport, and there are not too many times that we have to halt, back up or counter canter a jump on purpose in a real class,” she added.

Taylor Winther Blair gold medalist of the CET Medal National Finals along with Fran McAvity, Trish Mrakawa, Kim Kirton, John Anderson, trainer Dayton Gorsline and Jaclyn Duff 

Taylor also spoke about her training.  “I ride and train with my mom, because we live in Prince George.  When we go to the shows and if Dayton Gorsline is there, I ride and train with him.  It worked great this year, as one of Dayton’s clients owns the horse I was riding.”  

When asked about the Royal West, she added, “This is my third time competing at Royal West and I think it’s a great show, and so nice for us to have something this good much closer to home for us.”  

Competition organizer John Anderson, when asked about the CET Medal National Finals, responded, “Well I really don’t have a whole lot to add to what’s already been said.  I love the new format and once again, the cream rose to the top!  I’m happy that we had such great representation in the top four and felt that Jessica (BC), Tatyana (Atlantic), and Catherine (ONT), did a great job and I know they will be contenders in the future.  I’m also glad that everyone is having such a great time here in Calgary.”