Planning to Travel? Learn Portuguese With Online Tutors to Enhance Your Travel Experience


Learning Portuguese is a good way to prepare for traveling to Portugal, Brazil, or any other of the eight countries of which Portuguese is an official language. If you’ve tried to learn Portuguese in the past but haven’t succeeded, an upcoming trip may be just the motivation you need to start again. Whether you plan on traveling in a few months or a year, learning with an online Portuguese tutor can greatly impact the quality of your trip. 

Portuguese tutors are easy to find when you use Eurekly, an online platform that features tutors in many subjects. There are many Portuguese tutors on the site, and each has their own specialty. If you’re planning on traveling to Brazil, you’ll want a tutor who speaks Brazilian Portuguese. If you’re traveling to Portugal, you’ll want to learn European Portuguese. If you want to focus on grammar, speaking, reading, or writing, you can find a tutor who can help you in each area (or all of them).

What Are the Advantages of Learning With an Online Portuguese Tutor?

Learning a foreign language with a personal tutor can get you a lot further than learning in a group setting or on your own. In a group setting, like an adult education or university course, you have to vie for the attention of the teacher, whereas a personal tutor focuses on you—and only you.

Not only will a tutor give you all the attention you need, but they can create an entire syllabus based on your needs—your background, education, experience, weaknesses, strengths, and goals. In a group setting, the teacher has a pre-existing syllabus that they need to get through regardless of your personal challenges. 

Another advantage of learning with an online Portuguese tutor is that you choose the times that you learn. In-person or online courses take place according to other people’s schedules, but personal tutoring sessions take place according to your schedule. This is particularly true when you use Eurekly, since there are so many tutors available. If one isn’t available at a time slot that you want, you can simply choose another one who is. Many tutors also offer instant lessons, a good option for people who have dynamic, constantly-changing schedules. 

Studying with an online Portuguese tutor also means that you don’t have to get dressed or spend time traveling to an in-person class or tutor. All your learning can happen from the comfort of your own home, on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Eurekly is optimized for mobile so you don’t need to be limited by device or location. 

Finally, learning with online Portuguese tutors is affordable, more so than many other options. Adult education courses or university classes can cost thousands of dollars, but online tutoring on Eurekly starts as low as $5 per session. Depending on your budget, you can schedule a session once a week, twice a week, or more. Bear in mind that the more time you put into learning the language, the faster and easier it will be. 

What Are the Benefits of World Travel?

In the age of COVID-19, travel is restricted, but that hasn’t stopped hundreds of thousands of people from attempting to make travel plans. Why do people continue to travel despite the worldwide pandemic? Perhaps because they understand that there are innate benefits of traveling.

Scientifically-proven benefits of world travel include stress relief, increased creativity, lowered risk of depression, and more. 

If you have the travel bug and plan on traveling to a Portuguese-speaking country, learning the language before you fly is a great way to prepare. If you learn Portuguese in anticipation of your travels to any of these locales, it can help you get around much easier. It can also help you get to know the locals on a deeper level, creating the potential for long-term (and long-distance) relationships.

If travel is hard for you due to restrictions and health concerns, you can still learn Portuguese as a way of planning for the future. Psychologists say that having something to look forward to can be beneficial and create a more optimistic outlook on life, which is especially important during COVID. 

What is the Best Online Resource to Learn Portuguese? is an excellent resource for learning Portuguese. It’s COVID-friendly and doesn’t require you to leave your house. At the same time, it offers a large selection of affordable tutors with different areas of expertise. It also allows you to schedule sessions at your convenience and uses the most up-to-date streaming technology to make your sessions run smoothly. 

If you’re planning on traveling to a Portuguese-speaking country sometime soon or in the distant future, learning with an online Portuguese tutor from Eurekly is an efficient, affordable, and convenient way to prepare for your upcoming adventure.