Horse Rugs: How to Choose the Right One for Your Horse


There are a huge range of horse rugs on the market. The main way to choose the best rug for your horse is first considering the needs of your horse. They need to feel as warm and comfortable as possible. It’s not as simple as it seems as there are quite a few things to consider when choosing a rug for your horse. 

Most of the time, choosing a horse rug will depend on the living conditions and lifestyle of your horse. For instance, a horse who is stabled for much of the time will need warmer rugs than a horse who lives out and exercises a lot. Weather is also something to consider and your choice may vary depending on your climate. 

This article has pulled together some of the main pieces of advice for choosing the best rug for your horse. 

Indoor Use: Stable Rugs 

Stable rugs are exactly as they sound. They are designed for indoor use and provide horses with the warmth they need when sleeping in their stable at night. The warmth of rugs is measured in weight, and your choice will depend on the time of year. There are some stable rug options that can me fastened under your horse’s belly for extra comfort. 

Protective Turnout Rugs

When your horse is roaming free outside, it will often need an extra layer of protection. A Turnout rug does exactly that and is known to be one of the more versatile kinds of horse rugs on the market. The materials used in their production often shelter horses from unexpected rainfall while protecting them from dirt. Most turnout rugs come in breathable fabrics which is also important for your horse’s comfort. The good thing about turnout rugs is that they can be used throughout the year.

Pest Control: Fly Sheets

Fly sheets are more useful in warmer climates, but they protect your horse from flies and other nasty insects that are prone to bite and cause discomfort. Pest control is particular risk to your horse’s health during warmer seasons. If it goes unaccounted for, insects can cause skin irritations, infections and can also transmit harmful disease. Therefore, a fly sheet is a lightweight addition which helps protect your horse. 

Cooler rugs

Another great rug option for warmer weather is a cooler rug. These are designed specifically for regulating body temperature. These are also useful for your horses after bouts of intense exercise. Most cooler rugs re made with breathable fabrics which help your horse cool down their body temperature. 

Fleece rugs

In Winter months, the comfort and warmth of your horse is vital for its wellbeing. A fleece rug is designed for extra comfort and warmth in really cold weather. They help protect your horse in cold winds and help them regulate and maintain their body heat in both the indoors and outdoors.

Exercise rugs

Exercise rugs are used for effective recovery after exercise. They would be a good option if your horse is very active as they help your horse get its body back to its regular state. These rugs can be worn after any activity your horse engages in and helps protect them from winds and rains. Following exercise, the rug will help prevent the body from cooling down too quickly, which is key for avoiding injury to the muscles.