What makes Samshield helmets so unique?

There is no doubt that horse riding is among the most dangerous sports. A great number of dangers tend to be associated with this activity, ranging from abrasions and sprains to even fatal accidents.

According to a recent study conducted by Trauma Surgery & Acute Care Open (2021), head injuries resulting from horse riding-related accidents accounted for as much as 23% among the patients. It was also highlighted that head and neck injuries were the main cause of death (75%) among the patients who had died during the study period.

Thus, a well-fitted, high-quality riding helmet should constitute an integral part of every rider’s riding apparel. The first line of Samshield helmets was launched in 2005. Ever since then, Samshield, a leading manufacturer of high quality riding helmets, often broadens their collection by creating innovative products to satisfy every rider’s needs.

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About Samshield

Samshield is a French company and a worldwide known producer of horse riding equipment, specializing mainly in the production of equestrian helmets. Samshield adds elegance to essential riding equipment. Their products are made of high-quality materials, provide ultimate comfort, maximum protection, customizable design, and comply with international equestrian safety standards.

Samshield Riding Helmet Collections

Samshield Shadowmatt helmet, made of anti-scratch polycarbonate, was the first model. Shadowmatt helmets are universal as they can be used for both jumping and dressage training. Miss Shield, another model, is distinguished by a wide front brim and a customizable frontal band, as well as a dressage chin strap option. The dressage chin strap allows women to tuck a bun underneath the helmet. The Glossy helmet features a glossy shell made of polycarbonate material. Samshield’s Premium line encompasses the models finished with alcantara.

All of the mentioned models can be personalized in terms of the top, trim, blazon and, in case of Miss Shield, also the bend. Finally, Samshield’s XC and XJ models, made of pure carbon fiber, are designed for cross and racing and have a rather small brim. These are the only models that cannot be personalized.

High-Quality Material and the Helmet Size

The outer shell of the Samshield helmet is made of polycarbonate, used also for high end motorcycle helmets, and comes in three different sizes: S, M, and L. It consists of three elements:

  • Top – a narrow band at the top of the outer shell
  • Blazon – located at the front of the helmet; the final part of the top
  • Trim – a metal frame around the top and the blazon

The inner shell includes a polystyrene lining, which alternates in density to provide impressive absorption of the energy produced in case of any impacts. Additionally, for superior comfort, the helmet employs a system of interchangeable liners made of sponge, which have shape memory properties, allowing for the helmet to fit snugly around most, if not all, head shapes and sizes. The shape memory foam ensures perfect adjustment, which in turn results in maximum protection, for instance in case of any violent movement.

The removable liner is extremely useful when it comes to keeping the helmet clean. The snap system allows the user to effortlessly remove the liner, wash it, and then easily put it back in. In the meantime, the inside of the riding helmet and the shell itself can be wiped with a damp cloth. The liners solve not only the problem of hygiene, but also the one of head growth, which may be troublesome especially with young riders. Rather than putting money into a new helmet if the head size changes by a few centimeters, changing the liner to a bigger one is enough to ensure the helmet not only feels comfortable, but also fits snugly.

There are two types of liners: shadowmatt and premium liner, but both can be used interchangeably. The removable liners come in different sizes, and there is a choice of 4 to 5 liners within each shell size that provides you with an opportunity to pick out the perfect helmet. The size grid varies from 52 to 61 centimeters. Each shell can be lined according to the following:

  • Small shell (S) – from 52 to 56 centimeters
  • Medium shell (M) – from 55 to 58 centimeters
  • Large shell (L) – from 57 to 61 centimeters

To make sure you are choosing the right size of your Samshield helmet and liner, check out the size chart that is available on both Equishop’s and Samshield’s pages.

In case you need any help choosing the helmet size, feel free to contact the Equishop team.

Exceptional Ventilation

Samshield helmets offer exceptional ventilation. While you are riding, the fresh air comes in through the front air inlet and carries the warm air under the shell to the air outlets at the top and back. Samshield helmets guarantee incredible airflow not only through the front air inlet, but also under the blazon, where the contact with the rider’s forehead is reduced. This is extremely useful on hot summer days, whereas for chilly winter it is best to get hold of winter liners with synthetic fur.

Samshield Helmet Configurator

If you have any special requests in terms of your helmet’s appearance, you can use a Samshield helmet configurator which can be found on our website. You can use it to design your own beautiful helmet in such a way that it matches your preferences in all respects. The configurator provides you with a wide selection of not only the material and color of the helmet, but also numerous additions such as logo imprint or a flocking of your choice. For instance, you can go for a shadowmatt shell with crystal top, chrome rose gold trim and silver blazon. You can add your name or a set of Swarovski stones or crystals. The possibilities are countless. Helmet prepared in such way will be manufactured by Samshield in accordance with the choices you have made in the configurator.

Helmet Safety Standards

Samshield ensures that each helmet guarantees the highest levels of safety by subjecting them to a number of rigorous tests. They make sure the products match all newly announced certification standards.

The impact test measures the helmet’s capacity to absorb a blunt impact in case of a rider hitting his head following a fall from a horse. Then, the side-distortion test looks at the ability of the helmet to resist deformation in case the rider’s head gets squashed by the horse’s weight. Finally, the penetration test examines the helmet’s resistance to a sharp object piercing the ventilation area. Each new product needs to undergo the same set of safety checks, therefore every Samshield helmet provides the same levels of maximum protection.

Samshield helmets conform to VG1, ASTM and EN safety standards, thus they are approved for horse riding competitions.

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