How to Recruit on LinkedIn: 5 Strategies

LinkedIn is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of recruitment. A social platform was created for professionals and networking, and it gives perfect opportunities to hire skilled people and great individuals.

However, you can’t just go there and find a candidate straight away. To increase the chances of finding a good employer, you can follow some tips. But before, let’s define what are the benefits of the LinkedIn recruiting tool.

Benefits of LinkedIn for Recruiting

Purpose-built. The first thing that differentiates LinkedIn from other social networks is that it’s built specifically for professionals. All activities are related to the business development on the platform, and people expect to see hiring posts and search for jobs and employers there.

It’s free. The free version of the platform is enough to hold your hiring campaign. However, if you want to get more instruments and freedom on the platform, you can always subscribe to the premium version. Strong network. Millions of talented and professional people worldwide use LinkedIn for their work. For recruiters, it is a real treasure.

In addition to LinkedIn’s extensive professional network, utilizing recruitment database software further enhances its benefits for recruiting. This software enables recruiters to store, organize, and search through candidate profiles and resumes efficiently, facilitating targeted and streamlined candidate sourcing and selection.

How to use LinkedIn to Hire People?

Create an amazing page to present your employer’s brand.

Use your company page to tell your candidates about you as an employer. To do so, you can use any content and focus it on the potential candidates. For example, you can post recruitment videos instead of text posts. Describe the process of recruiting in your company, opportunities for training, and introduce your HR department. Show that employee’s matter.

Create and share job posts

Seems too obvious, right? But even in this simple process, recruiters tend to fail.

First, your post should follow the standard structure and include: title, description of the position, skills that are required, conditions of work. And along with that, the post should stand out and correspond with your values.

Add some imagery content and support the posts with other publications, like employee testimonials on the same positions.

Encourage current employees to participate in recruiting

Employees can reach their networks by sharing open positions and related information. Receiving information from current employees helps potential candidates to develop trust towards the brand.

What is more, it allows your team to constantly grow your professional network and spread a good word about the company.

Join LinkedIn Groups

Among all other ways to search for candidates, joining the groups can be a good strategy. Discover groups related to the industry of your business, groups connecting professionals, and engage with their users.

For example, if you are looking for a creative writer, join the relevant groups where professionals post blogs and articles. Share your openings and start communication with them to recruit new candidates.

Use Automation

Automate some of the processes. There are plenty of tools that you can use to speed up the recruiting processes and automate the routine. For instance, you can automate the distribution of posts and share them with groups. Another great option is to use CRM to organize lists of potential candidates and structurize communication.

Explore the LinkedHelper Tool

This tool works perfectly with Basic LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter. Use it to

build recruiting funnels and workflows with customized actions. The instrument allows inviting 700 candidates per week, sorting them out into built-in CRM, using keywords for effective search. And that is to name a few.


Recruiting requires following some strategy as well. LinkedIn provides a space to decide how you will be attracting candidates. Above, we listed simple tips that any company can easily integrate. Make sure to build a strong employer brand and treat your employees like internal customers, thinking of their needs and wants. Linked Helper also helps to build the automated LinkedIn.