Skylar Wireman Gets Two-Win Day in WEC Grand Prix and Futures Prix at WEC Wilmington

Skylar Wireman and King's Ruby. Photo courtesy of Winslow Photography

Edited Press Release

Wilmington, OH – Saturday was a special day as competitors in the $30,000 WEC Grand Prix and $10,000 Futures Prix wore purple ribbons on their jacket lapels in support of fellow showjumper David Beisel, who is working toward recovery from a devastating fall at a rehabilitation center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Course designer Anderson Lima (BRA) set the tracks for the two feature classes that tested each rider’s expert ability. Eight of the fourteen pairs who contested the $30,000 WEC Grand Prix went clear in round one  Five pairs went on to jump double clear, but none could catch junior Skylar Wireman and her own King’s Ruby (King of Hearts x Cameo). 

“This mare is homebred, and I’ve brought her along by myself entirely,” Wireman said. “We haven’t competed in many 1.40m [classes], but some here and there, working on building her up to it. Riding and winning with her is so rewarding because I have done all of the work myself. It feels so good to finally get a big win with her! She performed spectacularly tonight.”

Wireman of Bonsall, California, and the speedy 10-year-old mare negotiated a clean trip in the qualifying round in 71.334 seconds.  The pair returned for the jump-off and completed it in 40.850 seconds with a clean round that would secure the $30,000 WEC Grand Prix win. 

All smiles as Team Wireman accepts their awards. Photo courtesy of Winslow Photography
Another top-tier performance by Skylar Wireman. Photo courtesy of Winslow Photography

The three-ring junior rider found herself in the WEC winner’s circle once again, this time aboard Cielo (Citoki x Lola) in the $10,000 Futures Prix 1.30m. Wireman piloted Justin Resnik’s seven-year-old Holsteiner gelding through the first round in 76.037 seconds. The pair immediately advanced to the jump-off, skillfully navigating the winding course, and going clear in just 38.389 seconds to secure first place honors. 

“This is a greener horse who recently moved up to the 1.35m,” she said. “Knowing that several others had a rail down in the jump-off, I knew that there could be a faster time. The other rider to go clear seemed to play it safe and was a bit slower. Cielo isn’t the fastest at turning yet, so I knew I had to use his big stride to my advantage.”

$30,000 WEC Wilmington Grand Prix Results:

  1. King’s Ruby, Skylar Wireman: 0 | 0 | 40.850 
  2. Maraca LS La Silla, Kady Abrahamson: 0 | 0 | 41.917 
  3. Kinsella, Charlotte Clark: 0 | 0 | 42.388
  4. Banco Du Moulin, Kady Abrahamson
  5. Big Girl Z, Sam Pegg: 0 | 0 | 42.807 
  6. Coolio 23, Skylar Wireman: 0 | 4 | 40.208
  7. Karen!, Skylar Wireman, 0 | 4 | 40.535
  8. Fortysix & 2, Lyriss Jaeger: 0 | 15 | 60.087
  9. Catch a Star HSS, Kevin McCarthy 4 | 74.294
  10. Gluckskeks, Sam Pegg: 4 | 74.951

$10,000 WEC Wilmington Futures Prix Results:

  1. Cielo, Skylar Wireman: 0 | 0 | 38.389
  2. Clinton, Emma Lena M. Green: 0 | 0 | 46.622
  3. Bam Bam Du Muze, Kieley McQuaker: 0 | 4 | 40.102
  4. Honey Girl, Kevin McCarthy: 0 | 4 | 44.460 
  5. Wondergirl, Diana Conlon: 4 | 72.035
  6. Pacifica, Sam Pegg: 4 | 72.092
  7. CF Lucky Blue, Kelsey Mogel: 4 | 75.640
  8. Another Never, Lanie Thomas: 4 | 75.821
  9. Cubscout BG, Christopher B. Ferralez: 4 | 78.933
  10. Oliver, Whitney Taylor: 8 | 75.220

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