Why Equine Vet Tech Makes A Great Career Option For Horse Lovers


Horse lovers looking to go the extra mile can explore a career option in equine care. But not everyone can become a veterinary specialist. However, you can consider the alternative of vet tech training to work closely with horses. The profession entails performing physical examinations on horses, preparing them for surgical procedures, administering medications, providing emergency first aid, assisting in research, and managing administrative duties in veterinary clinics. Besides close equine interactions, there are more reasons why vet tech is a great career option for horse lovers. Let us explain why it is worth pursuing. 

Help equines live healthier

As an equine vet technician, you can help horses have happy and healthy lives. Consider it a chance to do your bit to enhance their longevity and quality of life. From detecting medical concerns in time to providing emergency care for injuries and helping with rehab, there is much you can do for your equine patients. The career can be highly fulfilling if you enjoy being around horses and care about their well-being. 

Provide education to horse owners

Besides ensuring good health for horses, you can provide education to their owners so that they look after their pets better. Nutrition, grooming, and medication are some core areas of equine care owners need to be aware of. You can educate them about these areas and cover others like early diagnosis and prevention of diseases and illnesses. Collaborating with vet techs makes horse owners more responsible and better educated.

Excellent growth opportunities

Lucrative salaries and good growth prospects are perhaps the most alluring reasons to explore a vet tech career. You can easily get a good start with a reputed veterinary clinic. The salary average varies according to work experience and regional factors, but it is good enough. The best part is that you can grow with ongoing education by enrolling in an equine vet tech course online. These courses enhance your skills and marketability and take you a step ahead in the industry without a massive effort.  

Diverse employment opportunities

Besides a handsome starting salary and good growth potential, you get the advantage of diverse employment opportunities with a vet care career. You can think beyond working at a vet clinic because there are endless opportunities in different environments and industries. The employment prospects for vet tech professionals include jobs at shelters and rescue agencies, zoo care, wildlife rehab, equine supplies sales, drug and feed companies, and food safety inspection. You may even work with military agencies that require horse care services.  

Choose an area of specialization

Versatility is another reason making vet tech an ideal career choice for horse lovers. You can pick an area of specialization according to your preference and capabilities. Clinical pathology, equine dentistry, internal medicine, animal therapy, lab diagnostics, nursing, surgery, dermatology, anesthesia, nutrition, and critical areas are the field choices you can consider. You can even switch specialization over time if you want to explore more areas of equine care.

Becoming a vet tech is your chance to work with horses every day. The position offers the right mix of excitement and fulfillment as you get close to the animals you love. 

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