Daniel Deusser Dominates on Home Soil at Longines Global Champions Tour of Hamburg

Photo: Longines Global Champions Tour

Edited Press Release

The penultimate day of competition at the Longines Global Champions Tour of Hamburg saw a home turf win for Daniel Deusser after the German rider pulled out a stellar round with former LGCT Grand Prix of Hamburg winner Jasmien vd Bisschop.

Deusser finished just three-tenths of a second ahead of his nearest competitor Tobias Meyer and Casablanca-H, with third going to Mark Mcauley and 9-year-old GRS Lady Amaro – as the competition hots up in Germany ahead of Saturday’s GCL Hamburg final and Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Hamburg.

Speaking to GCTV Daniel Deusser explained: “The first part of the course I stuck to my plan to not leave a stride out here and there. It was only the last four jumps that I got a really good rhythm and left strides out. There were a lot of faults in the double of combinations so I chose to go faster at the end of the class. The facilities are really nice here in Hamburg as always, we had a little bit of rain today but I think with the sun and the wind in between, it didn’t do any harm to the ground.”

Frank Rothenberger put together another technical course at the Derby-Park Klein Flottbeck arena, the 1.50m fences set at thoughtful distances and giving plenty of options to the international field. A double of doubles early on required plenty of control and concentration, with poles coming up thick and fast.

Riding only a 9 year old Mark Mcauley and GRS Lady Amaro set the pace from early on the pair flying effortlessly around the grass arena, with the mare bouncing over the imposing fences and making short work of the expansive arena with his huge stride.

However, poles soon fell all over the arena, including a couple of big names caught out at the first such as Lily Attwood with Calvaro’s Up To Date who later retired opting to save her mare for another day, and Michael Duffy with Franklin.

Michael G Duffy and Patrick Stühlmeyer were caught out, each picking up an agonising time fault and out of contention for the win. It was a top 10 finish for popular names in show jumping John Whitaker with Sharid and Geir Gulliksen on board VDL Groep Quatro with two very smooth and tight clear rounds.

Former world number one Daniel Deusser then proved why he is one of the best, gliding with ease around the track on his talented grey mare Jasmien vd Bisschop to cut 2 seconds off the time to beat and secure his place at the top.

Home hero Janne-Freiderike Meyer-Zimmermann with Chesmu KJ entered the arena to the crowd’s applause, looking for a strong result in today’s big class on home turf. Germany’s leading lady timed it to perfection, stopping the clock in 68.09s sealing her place in the top 5.

On form, Tobias Meyer gave it everything he had with Casablanca-H to cross the finish line just a fraction slower than Deusser in 66.06s but setting him up well for tomorrow’s showdown

Christian Ahlmann picked up 5th place making it four out of five Germans in the top 5 much to the crowd’s delight. So the win would go to Daniel Deusser the rider standing proudly before raising his hat in celebration on a lap of honour. The result was the perfect prelude to tomorrow’s GCL Hamburg final and the Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Hamburg, which kick off at 11:30 and 15:00 respectively.


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