Tokaruk Show Stables Enjoys Banner Week At Germantown Charity

Brittany Kasprack and Sriracha claimed their first grand prix victory in the Germantown Charity Horse Show Grand Prix. Photo Shawn McMillen Photography

Edited Press Release

Germantown, TN – June 14, 2022 – Michael Tokaruk and his Tokaruk Show Stables jumped to the top spots in the jumpers this past week at the Germantown Charity Horse Show, including the coveted win in the Germantown Grand Prix. Owner and rider Brittany Kasprack galloped to the Grand Prix victory aboard Sriracha to close out the fantastic week. 
“Winning the prix was a huge shock!” exclaimed Kasprack. “Michael and I have been preparing for this prix, for months. We knew this arena was her game- it’s small and everything comes up quick, which is exactly what she’s good at. I never dreamed we would win it, though! I am new to the grand prix arena, so I don’t expect to be in the ribbons. The Germantown Charity Grand Prix was my childhood dream- literally 25-years of watching from the other side of the fence. So, Michael was smart and didn’t want it to be my first prix because he knew I would be too nervous in front of everyone I grew up with. He had me do a few of the prixs in Brownland to prepare. He was so right- I was able to go out and just focus on my ride! When I realized I won I just started crying in shock!” 

Brittany Kasprack and Sriracha in the winner’s circle with the Germantown Charity Horse Show Princesses, representing local clubs, barns, and organizations, along with husband Bonner Coleman (left). Fun Fact: Kasprack was a Germantown Charity Horse Show Princess in 2007! Photo Shawn McMillen Photography

Kasprack, 32, is from Olive Branch, Mississippi, and started riding with Tokaruk Show Stables in April 2020. She was showing in the 1.10m without much confidence. In the two years with Tokaruk, she is now winning a prix. Her next goal is to compete in the Platinum Jumper Championships at Tryon. 

“A year and a half ago I was crying going around the 1.10m, terrified!” laughed Kasprack. “He’s [Tokaruk] been a huge asset in my riding. I wouldn’t be here without him. No chance.”

Sriracha and Brittany Kasprack take their victory lap. Photo Shawn McMillen Photography

Sriracha is a nine-year-old by Zucarlos. Kasprack claims she is the smartest and most talented horse she has ever sat on. She’s sassy and everything has to be her decision. She hates when Cameron, Michael’s [Tokaruk] wife, wears her hat! Sriracha will show her mean ears and crinkle her nose in anger!  

“It’s very rewarding when a client wins,” said Tokaruk, “and she puts in a lot of hard work and effort. Last year she was second in the Gambler’s Choice here and we made it a goal to work toward jumping in a prix. Little did we know she would not only jump it but then win it! Obviously, I love to win, but if I can’t, I’m really glad to have her win!” 

Michael Tokaruk and My Lord Castanoo have earned top five ribbons in every grand prix this spring.

Tokaruk Show Stables took home five of the twelve grand prix ribbons with Tokaruk landing in fourth aboard his My Lord Castanoo and sixth on I Am HDH, a newer horse they brought home at the end of Florida. Tokaruk slipped into ninth in the prix on Ava Hernandez’ Kel’Star Du Vingt Ponts while winner Kasprack also took home eleventh in the prix on another mount, Gaesbekers Gabbertje.

Michael Tokaruk and I Am HDH, winners of the Welcome Stake. Photo Shawn McMillen Photography

Kasprack and Tokaruk started their competitive week claiming five of the twelve prizes in the 1.40m Welcome Stake, this time it was Tokaruk for the win aboard I Am HDH. My Lord Castanoo and Inca took home fourth and fifth while Kasprack slipped in eighth and eleventh on Gaesbekers Gabbertje and Sriracha respectively. My Lord Castanoo has been in the top five placings in every grand prix this spring and summer.
“I Am HDH is a fun and fast competitive horse. I have been knocking on the door with him for a while, so it was nice for him to get to win. He’s a really fun horse that I have for sale,” commented Tokaruk.

Kate Barton and L. Primero Di Gala jump to the top spot in the WIHS/NAL Child/Adult Jumper Classic. Photo Shawn McMillen Photography.

Rider Kate Barton, 16, of Memphis, Tennessee, rode to win not one but two jumper classics. She rose to the top of the WIHS/NAL Child/Adult Jumper Classic aboard L. Primero Di Gala then moved on to claim the blue in the Junior/Amateur Jumper Classic riding the handsome gray, Steel The Love. Barton was also the Children’s Jumper Reserve Champion with L. Primero Di Gala. She has been riding with Tokaruk for about a year. 
Barton explained, “It was a great feeling to win the classics, my horses were amazing! It felt like everything was coming together for me in my riding and it was special to win at this show since it’s local and my friends were there to watch me.”

Kate Barton and Steel the Love won the Junior/Amateur Jumper Classic.

Barton has had Steel The Love for a year, a horse Tokaruk has shown in numerous prixs and won the Brownland Grand Prix on him in September 2020. 
“He is such a good horse; he takes really great care of me and is the perfect horse to move up on. He’s really sweet and I know that if I mess up, he’s not going to hold a grudge. I’m so grateful to be riding him,” said Barton.
L. Primero Di Gala has been in the mix since October. Barton says, “He isn’t the biggest horse but he just explodes over jumps and really tries hard. I know that if I do what I need to do and stay out of his way, he will get his legs up and over the jump with no problems. He has taught me a lot and he’s so fun. I am so lucky to have these horses and I can’t thank my dad, Michael, and their owners enough for letting me lease them.” 
Barton’s goal for the rest of this year is just to continue to move up and have consistent rounds, perhaps do the Grand Prix at the Charity Show someday.

Ava Hernandez and Cupid Shuffle. 

Ava Hernandez of Overland Park, Kansas, also took home top ribbons from the popular Charity Horse Show. Tokaruk says her Kel’Star Du Vingt Ponts horse is a super horse as the pair rode to a second place finish in the Low/Medium Junior Amateur Jumpers. Hernandez also has the handsome bay Cupid Shuffle that claimed third in the Junior Amateur Jumper Classic and eighth in the exciting Gambler’s Choice. 

Tokaruk Show Stables also congratulates Laura Connaway and her Ceralena on their eighth place finish in the grand prix. 

Tokaruk Show Stables won top ribbons at Brownland before attending the Germantown show. They plan to show in Kentucky and Tryon, including the Zone Jumper Finals at Tryon. Tokaruk will judge in Kentucky this week while the horses get a well-deserved break before continuing their summer tour. 

You can also listen to Michael Tokaruk on The Plaidcast, where he is a frequent guest host discussing all topics about the equestrian world. 

As always, Tokaruk Show Stables has a quality selection of horses for sale for all levels and all rings. Contact Michael Tokaruk at 202-413-2303 or email: or message him on Instagram or Facebook.