Eques Pante Equestrian Underwear: An Honest Review

Photo courtesy Eques Pante

Before embarking on this review, the idea of wearing sculpting, seamless, bike short-style riding underwear was not high on my wish list. 

I’ve been showing in the same three pairs of Tailored Sportsman side zip breeches for the past seven years. I’d given up on wearing seamless anything underneath them—as a working amateur equestrian with two young daughters, the presence of “VPL” simply wasn’t high on my priority list.

Then I met the Eques Pante

I don’t know what sort of magic is involved in the production of these bike shorts that double as riding underwear, but they are practically invisible under breeches, and they make good on their promises to cool, smooth, and sculpt in the saddle. 

Photo courtesy Eques Pante

Quick, important note: I firmly believe there’s nothing wrong with wearing any underwear you want while riding, visible lines or otherwise. And there’s nothing wrong with looking exactly how you look the saddle. As we say at The Plaid Horse, “any body that rides is a good body.”

That said, there’s also nothing wrong with wearing something that makes you feel confident, and I loved the feel of the Eques Pante from the first time I tried them. They feel a whole lot more like workout bike shorts than underwear or shapewear, so it was a very pleasant surprise when I forgot about them entirely from the moment I got on my horse. And I fully plan on wearing them with my breeches and shadbelly for my first hunter derby next month.

In addition to smoothing and sculpting, the Eques Pante also promises to wick away sweat to keep you dry. I put this to the test both at home and at a horse show on hot, humid days. I felt much cooler and drier while wearing the Eques Pante than I do without. I’m a good test subject, too—a barn friend and I often joke that the sweat marks we leave on on our saddles are a sign of our excellent equitation.  

While the cool, dry feel was a highly refreshing change from any other underwear I’ve worn under breeches, there wasn’t much of a visible difference from the outside. However, I chalk that up (at least in part) to my use of an air vest over my show coat, and the resulting sweat that runs down my back, rather than from the Eques Pante itself. (This is likely way more information than you needed, but I promised an honest review, so there you have it.) 

The nearly-invislble Eques Pante under breeches after a hot and humid ride.

For those inclined to wear bike shorts before or after riding, the quality and fit are fantastic—you can absolutely wear them to the gym or for running errands. 

As for sizing, I personally found them to run a little large. I fit into both the medium and the large, so I’d say the cut and fabric are forgiving. For reference, I’m 5’7” and I wear a size 30 or 32 in breeches. You can view the Eques Pante size chart here

The Eques Pante comes in sizes XS to XL, in several colors, and they retail for $92. After several wears (and washes), I can attest to their durability and value as both a shaping undergarment and a standalone bike short. 

Learn more about Eques Pante and founder Jessica Andrews at www.equespante.com