5 Tips That Will Help You Take Care of and Preserve The Health of Your Horse


Properly caring for horses requires a lot of time, effort, and attention to them to stay fit and healthy. They are amazing creatures, but their complex body system requires special care and caution. If you want to ensure the health and safety of your horse, then these five tips are perfect for you.

A well-cared-for horse has a happy life, but even though horses are big and robust, they are also susceptible to injury. This is especially true for young horses, who are growing and developing at such a rapid pace. Regular exercise, nutrition, and veterinary care are vital to a horse’s overall health and wellbeing.

Keep Them Safe

Horses are naturally curious animals, and the best way to prevent injuries is to practice good equestrian safety practices, such as using proper equipment from reputable sources, such as Kentucky horsewear, they offer high-quality products for your horse that will keep them healthy. Also, keep your horse away from things like fences or water, while keeping them under tight supervision. 

Always supervise your horse during riding exercises, and never allow your horse to jump off from anything.  Give them a healthy living environment by keeping them indoors in a clean environment. Clean bedding, fresh water, and a shady area are ideal conditions for keeping your horse comfortable.

Exercise Them Regularly

Exercise is an essential aspect of keeping your horse fit and happy. It keeps the horse mentally and physically active, helping them eliminate toxins, burn calories, and prevent obesity. Exercising your horse consistently helps keep their muscles strong and flexible, prevents bone and joint damage, increases respiratory function, and reduces the risk of colitis. 

You can use different ‌exercises depending on your rider, whether riding, driving, jumping, or any other activity. But while exercising, especially long distances, your horse can get tired quickly, in that case, it is better to give your horse a chance to rest and recover.  

Feed and Groom Them Well

Your horse depends on proper feeding and grooming to stay healthy and look its best. Ensure you feed them enough hay, grain, vitamins, minerals, and protein. Additionally, horses have a higher metabolic rate than other species. That means they require more food than other animals. As such, ensure you understand how much diet and minerals your horse requires daily. Also, ensure to clean their hooves once or twice a week. However, never pamper your horse too much, as this can cause them to become overweight. 


It is vital to make sure your horse stays well-hydrated. Giving water to your horse regularly ensures that it does not have dry skin, which can lead to infections. Also, keeping your horse well-hydrated helps it maintain its body temperature. Thus, it is recommended that you check the weather forecast and plan accordingly if you leave your horse outside. If you notice ‌it will rain, ‌bring the horse inside until the weather improves.


Vaccinations are an important way to protect your horses from disease. Properly vaccinating your horse means ‌they will stay healthier and happier. If you do not vaccinate frequently, you may risk losing your horse to certain diseases. There are many vaccinations for rabies, tetanus, and influenza. Every vaccine should be administered according to the instructions given on the package. However, if you are unsure about specific vaccines, ‌check with your veterinarian first.

Horses need adequate clean water, food, shelter, and daily rest. All these elements play essential roles in maintaining their overall health. You risk having unhealthy and sick horses when their requirements are not met.

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