Ali Ramsay and Conrado 12 Capture 1.45m Classic at Desert Holiday III

Ali Ramsay and Conrado 12. Photo by Tori Bilas

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Ali Ramsay found her sweet spot as she topped the $10,000 Run A Mok 1.45m Open Classic at Desert Holiday III. Aboard Conrado 12, owned by Ramsay Equestrian Inc, she topped an impressive field of top horse-and-rider combinations, bringing home the victory.

Conrado 12, or “Cody,” is a ride Ramsay has gotten to know more over the past year. “My fiance bought him as a 5-year-old, left him in Germany for a year, and then brought him over as a 7-year-old,” she explained. “He developed him for a year and sent him down to California to me last winter. He sent him to me to get sold and instead of selling him I bought half. Now we own him together.”

The now 9-year-old Zangersheide gelding was not initially Ramsay’s type, but she admired the horse so much she is dedicated to making it work.

“I felt like he had every quality that I look for,” she continued. “He is the perfect combination of careful and brave. His jump feels like there is no limit. I think he’ll jump everything. We did our first 1.50m in October and he was really good; he was double clear. He’s not quite my type in the sense that I like them a little lighter and quicker, but he has so much quality that I’m going to make him my type and make myself learn how to ride that type.”

Ali Ramsay and Conrado 12 in their winning presentation. Photo by Tori Bilas.

The course, set by Joey Rycroft, covered the entirety of the beautiful grass field at DIHP, and many top combinations gave it a try but had rails down. At the time Ramsay went in, Michael Williamson and Gillion ES led as the sole clear round. Williamson ended up third, with Halle Duke and Ilana taking home second place.

“I went late enough and was able to see that there was only one clear and it wasn’t super fast, so I knew I didn’t have to go as fast as possible,” Ramsay said of her strategy. “But I also knew Kyle [King] was coming behind me. I didn’t want to be slow. I had a plan to be fast – I wasn’t as fast as I wanted to be – but he did everything I asked of him. He was pretty perfect.

“This is my first time ever competing on the grass here, which I’ve been looking forward to,” she added. “The grass rode great; it’s beautiful out there. The footing in the Grand Prix Arena is immaculate. It felt perfect out there. The horses jumped so well and their strides felt so big. It’s one of the best I’ve ever ridden on at a horse show.”

Final Results: $10,000 Run A Mok 1.45m Open Classic

1. Conrado 12 / Ali Ramsay / Ramsay Equestrian Inc / 0/75.187
2. Ilana / Halle Duke / Halle Duke / 0/78.034
3. Gillion ES / Michael Williamson / Michael Williamson / 0/78.801
4. Madame Unplugged / Hannah McLaughlin / Hannah McLaughlin / 3/88.183
5. Zibaloubet Z / Matt Archer / Rhys Farms, LLC / 4/73.703
6. Monseigneur / Matt Archer / Rhys Farms, LLC / 4/73.786
7. Gucci Musterd / Bruno Diniz Das Neves / Laura Khorshid / 4/78.816
8. Ittolo / Kyle King / Kerri Volek / 8/69.866
9. Luigi VD Bisschop / Matt Archer / Rhys Farms, LLC / 8/70.562
10. Odysseus / Kyle King / Patricia Vasey / 8/71.009
11. Boucherom / Trent McGee / Trent McGee / 8.74.410
12. Macho-Blue PS / Katie Harris / Katie Harris / 8/74.602

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