HITS Del Mar Horsepark Expresses Gratitude to Supporters as Grand Re-Opening Celebration Concludes

Photo courtesy of HITS.

Edited Press Release

Del Mar, CA – July 18– HITS Del Mar Horsepark, a renowned equestrian facility, extends its heartfelt appreciation to all those who attended and contributed to the resounding success of the Grand Re-Opening of Del Mar Horsepark. The vibrant celebration, held on July 15 at our Del Mar Sunshine Classic, marked a triumphant return of the cherished venue and showcased the community’s unwavering support.

The event was a testament to the power of unity and collaboration, as HITS Del Mar Horsepark recognized the integral role played by its dedicated family and crew. Their relentless efforts, spanning countless hours, were crucial in making this momentous occasion a reality. Without their unwavering commitment, the Grand Re-Opening would not have been possible. 

Photo courtesy of HITS.

“We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who came out to support and celebrate the Grand Re-Opening of HITS Del Mar Horsepark,” expressed Dale Harvey, General Manager of Del Mar Horsepark. “The overwhelming response from the community has been incredible, this achievement truly belongs to each and every one of you.”

Furthermore, HITS Del Mar Horsepark acknowledges the unyielding support from the community, whose voices were instrumental in the push to reopen this historic facility. Through their persistent rallying and advocacy, they paved the way for the return of a beloved riding venue, reinvigorating the equestrian landscape in Del Mar. The heartfelt appreciation of HITS Del Mar Horsepark extends to all those who pushed for its revival and ensured its accessibility to the public once again.

Del Mar Horsepark proudly kicked off its highly anticipated Grand Re-Opening with an electrifying display of athleticism and precision at the renowned Dog Agility Classic. The event showcased exceptional teams, consisting of horses and dogs, as they skillfully navigated a series of challenging obstacles in their quest for the ultimate achievement – securing the fastest time. Hannah Loly and Asombro had the fastest combined time with their doggy partner and took home the first-place ribbon.

Photo courtesy of HITS.

The night highlighted the thrilling $100,000 Bentley San Diego Grand Prix, which showcased the incredible skill and talent of the participating riders. 

In a spectacular performance, Cassio Rivetti and Billy Dorito captured the first-place ribbon, the Monica Ward Memorial Trophy, and were awarded an Antares Sellier saddle. Additionally, Cassio Rivetti’s groom, Víctor Fidel Cejudo Cruz, was recognized with the $500 groom’s award, acknowledging his invaluable contributions to the team’s success.

Cassio Rivetti continued to impress, securing the second-place position on his second horse, Chagall de Toscane. The third-place ribbon went to Juan Manuel Luzardo and Big Stan. 

Alyce Bittar and her mount Cézanne B blazed through the course, securing the fastest time in the $1,000 U25 Classic presented by Interactive Mortgage. Their outstanding performance not only earned them the top spot in the U25 but also secured them a remarkable fifth overall position in the prestigious $100,000 Bentley San Diego Grand Prix.

As HITS Del Mar Horsepark enters this new chapter, it is committed to providing a world-class experience for riders, trainers, and spectators alike. The Grand Re-Opening celebration served as a testament to the enduring passion and resilience that defines the equestrian community.

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Original press release courtesy of HITS.