Results from The Kimberton Hunt Club 78th Annual Horse Show

Photo by Horse and Hound Photography.

BY Helen Chimbos

The Kimberton Hunt Club 78th Annual Horse Show took place on Saturday, July 9 at Ludwigs Corner in Glenmoore, PA. The classes ranged from lead line to mini-prixs and large sums of prize money was awarded throughout the day. There were also two derbies, that took place on the grass field, which was an incredible experience you don’t see as often. 

The winners from some of the classes are as follows: 

#13 $7,500 Mini-Prix: Whilhemina Horzepa & College Fund  

#12 $800 Kimberton Welcome Jumper Stake 1.15m: Whilhemina Horzepa & College Fund  

#104 $500 Fenceworks Jr/Am 2’ Hunter Derby: Chelsey Poole & Meet The Press

#109 $1000 Beaver Hill Farm Jr/Am 2’6 Hunter Derby: Karen Ference & Domani 

#8 ​​$400 Low Children’s/Adult Jumper Stake: Philip L. Shirk & Carlton 

#10 High Child/Adult Jumper: Reagan E. Hails & Milano Van De Stenehei Z

#110 M&S Children’s Hunter PONY Classic: Elisabeth Mesiarik & Luminaire

There was a great turnout for the Kimberton Hunt Club 78th Annual Horse Show, and many will look forward for the upcoming year.