Tips for First Time Pony Finals Trainers

Photo by Adam Hill.

BY April Bilodeau

A member of The Plaid Horse Professional Collaborative group on Facebook recently asked fellow professionals, “Please share your words for wisdom for a first time Pony Finals trainer!”

Several members of the group chimed in with their experience. Here was some of their advice:

“Have fun and set real expectations. Make sure the kids do all the parties and meet their neighbors.”

“Go to the schooling ring and talk to trainers.”

“Take advantage of the clinics offered.”

“Celebrate the fact that you got there with your student!”

“Expect the unexpected!”

“Be sure to read all the rules in the prize list. Rules are followed more closely than most places.”

“Time the walk with your pony from your stalls to the different schooling rings. The horse park is large and the walk, especially with a slow pony, can take longer than you think.”

“Be early to all classes and sections.”

“Try to get into the Rolex ring as many times as you can.”

“Tell your student expectations have been met. They qualified! Enjoy the week!”

“Get a golf cart!”