How Old Are the Medium and Large Green Pony Hunters at the 2023 USEF Pony Finals?

Graph by Hannah Fichter.

BY April Bilodeau

The 2023 USEF Pony Finals kicked off this week on Tuesday, August 10.

The top ponies and pony riders from around the country gathered to compete in their respective divisions as well as the USEF Pony Medal Final.

We pulled data from to learn the ages of the qualified ponies in the Medium and Large Green Pony Hunter divisions.

With a total of 98 ponies qualified for the Medium Green Pony Hunter division, the ages ranged from five years old to nineteen years old. Of all the ages, ponies that were nine years old and seven years old had the highest numbers in the division.

Graph by Hannah Fichter.

In the Large Green Pony Hunter division, 110 ponies qualified. Their ages ranged from five years old to twenty-three years old. There were multiple ponies that qualified in each age from five years old to sixteen years old, but once ponies reached seventeen years old, there was one of each at seventeen, nineteen, twenty, and twenty-three years old with no ponies aged in the numbers between them. The most common age for a Large Green Pony Hunter was seven years old.