Tracy Magness and Intenz Van HD Secure $20,000 HITS Open Prix at HITS Culpeper

Tracy Magness and Intenz Van HD. Photographed by Alison Hartwell.

Edited Press Release

Culpeper, V.A. – October 1, 2023 – The final day of competition at HITS Culpeper saw Tracy Magness and her veteran partner, Intenz Van HD speed to victory during the $20,000 HITS Open Prix. Magness and her special mare once again topped the leaderboard with an impressive and speedy double clear. Marylisa Laffler and Zaza Z was also  double clear and placed second, while Melissa Strawser and Darwin De Mars took home the third place honors.

“[Intenz Van HD] is actually a little bit lazy – when she gets going, she’s quick and on it, but I have to really make her go at first,” said Magness about her veteran partner of eight years. “She has such a kind heart and is so unbelievably honest. You can trail ride on her, you can put your baby on her, she will jump anything in front of her, and she will always try her hardest.”

Strawser and Darwin De Mars were the first to complete the technical jump-off without error, breaking the beam at 41.257 seconds. Marylisa Laffler and Zaza Z was the third pair to land a double clear and set a new time-to-beat. Although the duo was quick on their feet, their time of 40.422 seconds was not fast enough to stay on top. Magness, who was the second-to-last rider in the jump-off, knew the game plan after watching the three pairs prior to her. She and Intenz Van HD know each other so well that they were able to make their round look effortless and crossed the timers with nearly two and a half seconds to spare.

“The time allowed was a bit tight – there was also liver pool and a triple combination towards home which made the course a bit technical,” noted Magness. “Although there was some technical areas, it was set up well so that younger horses and older horses could complete the course.”

Marylisa Laffler and Zaza Z. Photographed by Alison Hartwell.

The Baltimore native has been competing at the nearby HITS Commonwealth Park since she was in the small pony divison and loves the facility. She views Culpeper as her ‘second hometown’ and always expresses her love for the venue.

“What’s nice is there’s been so many improvements. The facility looks great, it looks fresh, the ring looks beautiful, the new footing is spectacular, the jumps look great and they have a great course designer. I’m here a lot, but I’ve been seeing lots of fresh faces coming in all summer which was really enjoyable,” concluded Magness. “I would also personally like to thank Pro Elite Feed, Espoir Equestrian, and English Riding Supply for all of their support.”

One more weekend of competition remains at HITS Culpeper with the newly add Marshall & Sterling Gold Star Horse Show. Featuring a $2,500 Tiny Bit O’ 2’ Hunter Derby, $2,500 Bit O’ Straw 2’6” Hunter Derby, $2,500 M&S Low Child/Adult Jumper Classic from October 6 – 7. Entries will be accepted until the start of the show. For more information, visit

Marylisa Leffler and Darwin De Mars. Photographed by Alison Hartwell.