LiveEQ Kicks Down Barriers in the Horse World with Growing Equestrian App



Denver, CO – 11/1/2023 – The equestrian world has long been a tight-knit community, often perceived as exclusive and out of reach for many horse lovers. However, LiveEQ, the groundbreaking new equestrian app, is changing the game by opening doors and providing opportunities for people of all backgrounds to access the world of horse riding.

With LiveEQ, riders and horse lovers can find riding opportunities and pursue their equestrian dreams like never before.

Equestrian sports have grown in recent popularity and demand through pop culture, but they have also been associated with high costs, limited access, and a somewhat elitist image. LiveEQ is on a mission to transform this perception by breaking down barriers and making equestrian sports accessible to everyone with its free user app.

The LiveEQ app, available on both iOS and Android, offers a user-friendly platform where equestrians can connect with riding opportunities in their local area, whether it’s finding a stable to take lessons, leasing a horse, or discovering equestrian jobs.

“Horses are a passion that so many people share, whether they’re currently riding or not”, says Anne Hawkins, Founder and CEO of LiveEQ. “It’s time we open the doors to this sport and allow people of all backgrounds to access it.” 

Democratizing the Equestrian World

LiveEQ was created with the vision to democratize equestrian sports and make them accessible to a wider audience. By connecting riders and horse enthusiasts with local opportunities, LiveEQ helps bridge the gap between the equestrian community and those who aspire to be part of it.

Key Features of LiveEQ:

1. Find Riding Opportunities

LiveEQ offers a comprehensive database of horses for sale or lease, stables accepting new clients, trainers, events, jobs and service providers. Riders can easily search and filter listings by location, price, availability and more, making it convenient to find the perfect equestrian experience. It’s completely free to list all the above and to search, making it easier than ever to connect the equestrian world.

2. User-Friendly Interface

The app features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for both beginners and experienced riders to navigate and discover the opportunities in their area.

3. Trusty and Safety

Safety is a top priority for LiveEQ. The platform has partnered with leading Trust & Safety provider ActiveFence to ensure the app is safe for all users. This feature gives peace of mind to both horse enthusiasts and professionals.

4. Promoting Equestrian Events

LiveEQ offers a section of the app for equestrian event organizers to promote and share their events. This not only benefits riders but also contributes to the growth of equestrian communities at the local level. ‘With the rising costs of showing and growing economic inflation, it’s more important than ever to get the word out about affordable events that help you gain experience as a rider” says Anne Hawkins. 

5. Opening Up Equestrian Jobs

Among the growing list of categories on the app is a Jobs section where employers can post open roles and users can list themselves as Job Seekers. Jobs range from more “traditional” equestrian jobs such as grooming or training to remote marketing jobs, business development, accounting and more.

Breaking Down Cost Barriers

One of the most significant barriers to entry in the equestrian world has been the high costs associated with riding lessons, horse ownership, and competition. While there will always be an affinity for the most elite horse and rider producers in the industry, there remains a large gap in the world of everyday riders.

LiveEQ addresses this issue by helping riders find affordable options through advanced filtering and allowing providers to create listings for free. By breaking down cost barriers, the app makes it possible for individuals of all financial backgrounds to participate in the equestrian world.

Expanding Reach for Trainers, Barn Owners, Horse Sellers, Event Managers and Service Providers

The equestrian industry is one of the hardest industries to work in for many reasons, but on the top of that list are high competition and workload. Getting started for entry level trainers, service providers and barn owners takes a lot of physical and mental work.

LiveEQ aims to ease some of that burden by creating a space for professionals to promote their services quickly and easily. It’s completely free to create listings on the LiveEQ app and the user interface is designed to create beautiful profiles that showcase services, barns, trainers, horses, and events in an appealing way. 

Promoting Inclusivity and Diversity

LiveEQ is dedicated to promoting inclusivity and diversity within the equestrian world. By making equestrian sports more accessible, the app encourages riders of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities to participate. It provides a platform where equestrians can connect with others who share their passion, regardless of their demographic.

Spotlight on Inclusivity:

LiveEQ has a “Job Seekers” section for riders looking for new career opportunities in the equestrian industry. This feature facilitates opportunities for individuals who might not otherwise have access to hiring managers in the equestrian world.

The app emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and respect for all riders, regardless of their level of experience, age, or physical abilities.

LiveEQ’s easy to access features encourage users to create supportive environments where everyone feels welcome and valued.

LiveEQ’s Journey and Future Plans

LiveEQ is not only about connecting riders with opportunities but also about continuous growth and improvement. The app’s journey to open doors in the equestrian world has only just begun.

Future Plans:

  • Expanding internationally to reach equestrians around the world.
  • Developing additional features and resources for users, such as a marketplace for equestrian goods.
  • Partnering with leading equine companies to expand job listings from internships to high earning potential positions.
  • Continuing to emphasize inclusivity and diversity by partnering with nonprofits in the equestrian community.
  • Exploring innovative technologies to enhance the user experience and provide even more opportunities for riders.

Join the Equestrian Revolution with LiveEQ

Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian looking for new opportunities, a beginner in search of riding lessons, a horse owner looking to sell, or an event organizer looking to promote your show, LiveEQ is the platform that can make it happen. Join the equestrian revolution today and experience a world of new possibilities.

Download the LiveEQ app for free on iOS and Android, and let the journey to a more inclusive and accessible equestrian community begin.

For more information about LiveEQ and how it’s breaking down barriers in the horse world, please visit or contact LiveEQ at

About LiveEQ

LiveEQ is a revolutionary equestrian app that connects riders and horse enthusiasts with riding opportunities in their local area. The app’s mission is to make equestrian sports accessible to everyone by breaking down barriers, promoting inclusivity, and fostering a supportive equestrian community. With a commitment to affordability, safety, and accessibility, LiveEQ is changing the equestrian world one ride at a time.

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