Kaitlyn Williams Wins $30,000 Alltech/Lifeforce 1.45m Grand Prix at PNHS

Kaitlyn Williams and Cassio Melloni. Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography

By Emily Randolph/Randolph PR

Harrisburg, PA – Kaitlyn Williams and Cassio Melloni raced to victory in the $30,000 Alltech/Lifeforce 1.45m Grand Prix on Thursday, October 21, at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show in Harrisburg, PA.

From a 23-horse field, nine entries advanced to jump off over the Manuel Esparza-designed short course, set in the Harrisburg Coliseum in the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex.

When Williams entered the ring, the short-course time to beat had been set at 31.154 seconds by Wednesday night’s winner Laura Chapot, this time aboard Chandon Blue. Just 30.765 seconds after crossing the start, Williams and Cassio Melloni had taken over the top of the leaderboard.

Chapot and her Wednesday-night-winning mount, Calafornia, were the final entry to return for the jump-off, and the pair gave Williams a real run for her money, stopping the clock less than one-tenth of a second behind Cassio Melloni to take second with a time of 30.812 seconds.

Kaitlyn Williams and Cassio Melloni were presented as the winners of the $30,000 Alltech/Lifeforce 1.45m Grand Prix by Meghan Niehaus and Tim Karl of Alltech. Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography

“We ran to the last [fence], and he just does his job every time!” said Williams, 21, of Wayne, PA. “He is just the most unbelievable horse ever – probably one of my favorites that I’ve had so far. He’s super experienced, so I fully trust him no matter what, and he’s saved me so many times. He’s super fun.”

While Williams has previously competed at the PNHS in the Prix des States and the junior hunters, this year marks her first year competing in the open jumpers at the show, thanks to the newly added 1.30m and 1.40m divisions.

“I really like this show because, obviously it’s a qualifying show, so it’s fun to show, but now it’s great for these types of jumpers,” said Williams. “t’s nice to get inside and see how they’ll be. It’s really special with the crowd and the bright colored jumps.”

For full results of the $30,000 Alltech/Lifeforce 1.45m Grand Prix, visit pnhs.showmanagementsystem.com.

$30,000 Alltech/Lifeforce 1.45m Grand Prix Results
Place – Entry # – Horse – Ride – Faults / Time
1.   956     Cassio Melloni                Kaitlyn Williams                     0/30.765
2.   1369  Calafornia                       Laura Chapot                        0/30.812
3.    1371  Chandon Blue                Laura Chapot                        0/31.154
4.    1007  Pyrenes De Louzes       Cassandra Kahle                  0/32.493
5.    1751  Locato Van Het Kap….  Christian Coyle                    4/29.201
6.    991     Nanking Vd Donkho… Filip De Wandel                   4/30.833
7.    1388  Lochinvar                      Matt Cyphert                       4/31.079
8.    1737  Apg Everlasting Love    Kelli Cruciotti Vanderveen   8/32.245
9.   1372  Diarado`s Flying D…     Laura Chapot                      8/32.806
10. 1860  Upsilon De La Liniere  Taylor St Jacques                1