Things to look for when decide to find grinders in bulk for your shop


Herb grinders are a great way to process and store your herbs in a convenient package. When you are looking to purchase herb grinders in bulk, you can keep an eye out for a few things. To find grinders in bulk for your shop, one must know several factors to consider when buying an herb grinder.

1. Look for grinders that are easy to clean.

Grinders with mesh screens can be brutal to keep cleaned and free of residue, but they do allow you the chance to ground herb every time you use it finely. If it is a metal grinder, make sure all parts come apart quickly so you can wash them thoroughly between uses.

Some people like using salt and alcohol solutions as part of their cleaning process between different strains or flavors (you want separate dry sifts). You may also wish to purchase multiple grinders if this will be your preferred method of grinding; silicone versions often don’t break down as well as plastic versions in these situations either.

2. Make sure the grinder is durable.

Metal herb grinders are often more expensive, but they can last a lifetime if properly cared for and stored out of high heat or moisture. Plastic versions may be easier to clean, as mentioned earlier, but might not stand up to daily use over time with constant grinding action (especially super cheap plastic varieties). 

The covers on most metal herb grinders will also come off, making them easy to carry around in your pocket while you smoke throughout the day. If this will be a huge selling point for you, make sure that it comes apart easily enough, so it’s convenient to remove before each use yet stays securely locked when closed.

3. Take a minute to read through the return policy.

It’s always good to know what your options are if you order an herb grinder in bulk, only to discover it isn’t exactly what you thought or expected. You can go with small, cheap heroes that don’t have as much flexibility when choosing one for yourself but will allow you to test out whether this would be useful for future purchases down the road (and thus worth spending more on). 

Some companies also offer great discounts after purchasing multiple products at once, which could save you some money later on instead of buying them separately over time.

4. Make sure you know how much it holds.

Some herb grinders will hold only a tiny amount of material which is fine if all you are doing with them is grinding up enough for one or two bowls at home, but not what most people want to deal with when they have friends. Extensive capacity options that allow users to store multiple grams of the herb can also be more challenging to clean well between uses and may result in some residue buildup down the road as well (mainly plastic versions).


When you are looking to purchase herb grinders in bulk, you can keep an eye out for a few things. We hope this blog has helped clear up any questions and given you some ideas about what might be best suited to your needs!