Bring Back the Old!

Photo by Adam Hill.

BY April Bilodeau

Before there were mesh purple coats, white breeches in the hunter ring, and big custom bows for young riders, several other trends were popular among riders both in and out of the show ring.

Based on a previous article, we asked The Plaid Horse Adult Amateur Lounge, “What piece of riding equipment is no longer en vogue that you really miss?”

Here were some answers:

  • “Show shirts in beautiful colors and stripes/plaids! Someone PLEASE bring them back!” – Nicole Harris
  • “Pinstripe hunt coats. All the subtle details of those coats made you feel like a million bucks.” – Elizabeth Hogue
  • “Rust breeches, too! BRING THEM BACK!” – Elisa Bee
  • “I don’t miss the tight chokers but I do miss the monograms. I had all my chokers monogrammed. I also miss the name plate belts.” – Solene Rodrigue Parikh
  • “I miss seeing the Beval leather fronts boots lined with fleece in the show ring!” – Abby Gonzalez
  • “Thoroughbreds in the Hunter ring and starting your own horses as an amateur lol.” – Jaclyn Loprete
  • “Shadbelly with a separate vest instead of points. I cringe seeing white shirts stuck out under the points.” – Courtney Frankhouser Myers
  • “Boots without zippers.” – Emily Miller
  • “The upside down ribbon on the back of the helmets.” – Cindy McGuire
  • “The fleece girth cover. I’ve seen them slowly creeping back in.” – Heather Cutting Chard
  • “Full chaps” – Almost Everyone
Photo courtesy of Anna Corley from Austin, Texas