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The Plaid Horse Official Bio

The Plaid Horse is a woman-owned small business dedicated to education in the horse show industry. We publish 10-12 magazine issues per year as well as a series of novels and select non-fiction, run a daily website, and produce a weekly podcast. A frequent horse show sponsor, we are committed to inspiring young riders to take a more active role in the industry.

Media FAQs

Thank you for your interest in The Plaid Horse! Below, you’ll find answers to our media-related FAQ.

What is the best way to get in the magazine or on the podcast?

Advertise with us.

How do I write about an article from The Plaid Horse on my website?

Feel free to quote from any of our articles (up to 1-2 paragraph’s worth) along with a reference to The Plaid Horse and a direct link to the story. You can find a link to any print story here:

We currently do not allow full reprints of stories on other sites.

How can I submit an unsolicited book manuscript for review?

Please email a query to and cc: Please include 1-2 paragraphs summarizing your book and 1 paragraph about you.

How can I submit an unsolicited article or photos for review?

How can I submit an unsolicited #Plaidcast segment for review?

Please email a summary of your idea to and cc: If approved, you can record an audio segment up to 15 minutes long for consideration.

How do I book Piper Klemm for an interview, quote, podcast appearance, or photo shoot?

Please email and cc: with your request. 

Can I use a photo of Piper in my story?

You can use any of the approved photos (below), with appropriate photo credit.

How do I book Piper Klemm for a reading?

Please email and cc: Readings are generally scheduled at least 4-6 weeks in advance. 

Can I order wholesale copies of Show Strides for my store?

Yes! Wholesale copies are available to stock. Please email and cc:

What are the guidelines for submitting solicited articles or photos?

I want The Plaid Horse to see/review my product. What do I do?

Ship it to:

The Plaid Horse
14 Mechanic St
Canton, NY 13617

Send tracking info to By shipping a sample of your product you are agreeing that it will not be returned.

Will The Plaid Horse trade my product for an ad?

No. If you send unsolicited products, there are no guarantees for review. We will be in touch if there is interest. Clients may pay for reviews of their product in-book.

How do I get in touch with a sales rep for a paid review in-book?

Piper Klemm Official Bio

Dr. Piper Klemm is the owner and publisher of The Plaid Horse. Her mission is to educate young equestrians in every facet of our industry and to empower young women in particular to find their voices and stories—and to share them.

She has spent her entire career focusing on education through various channels, including The Plaidcast, North America’s most listened-to horse show podcast; as a professor at Clarkson University and St. Lawrence University; co-authoring the Show Strides book series; and by providing educational articles, grants, and experiential learning opportunities for riders of all ages and levels. She earned her Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley.

Piper lives in Canton, New York, with her husband, Adam Hill. Adam is a Chemistry Professor at St. Lawrence University and the Faculty Mentor to the national champion IHSA Riding Team. She owns a fleet of lease ponies, and competes in the Amateur Hunter divisions with MTM Sandwich

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