What to Eat: The Devon Horse Show (Are You Team Lemon Sticks or Tea Sandwiches?)


By Tatum Mitchell

Horse show cuisine is an experience like no other. As most horse people know, every show grounds has trademark foods that are a must. Throughout the wonderland that is The Devon Horse Show, there are some crowd favorites. 

Katharine Whitticom, 2017 Devon Horse Show Pony Jumper Champion, recommends the lemon sticks and Minella’s Diner.

“An absolute must whenever you go to Devon is the lemon stick,” says Whitticom. “However, if you are looking for something to either start or end your day right, go to Minella’s Diner a few miles down the road. Everything is homemade and the pie can compliment any meal.”

The lemon sticks are a memorable food from The Devon Horse Show, Apple Knoll Farm rider Lydia Philbrick says. 

“They are half-a-lemon with a candy lemon stick inside them, and it is the perfect combination of sweet and sour,” says Philbrick.

Winner of the 2020 Washington Equitation Finals, Tessa Brown, says she enjoys the lemon sticks because they are something she can only get at this show. 

Hayley Anderson, trainer and rider from Apple Knoll Farm, also recalls the lemon sticks as a staple of the show, along with some personal favorites.

“I absolutely love the diner and Devon’s special burger and fries—and the lemon sticks seem to be a staple I have to have every time I go,” says Anderson. “Top it off with a ride on the ferris wheel where you can see the whole show grounds, and the experience is like no other.”

Frankie Guidi says the incorporation of fair food on the showgrounds is a very fun experience.

“Whether it’s a hot chocolate or fried dough on a cold day, or an ice cream on a hot day, they always have the perfect foods to suit your cravings,” says Guidi.

During the USEF Junior Hunter National Championships — East Coasts at the venue, Lily Gallagher says she drank multiple fresh squeezed lemonades daily. 

“They had so many different customizable choices, and it was so refreshing after a hot day of riding,” says Gallagher. “My favorite was the peach lemonade.”

Ailish Cunniffe, rider and trainer from Whipstick Farm, says her favorite thing to eat at Devon are the tea sandwiches.

“They are a Devon staple,” says Cunniffe. “The atmosphere here at Devon is incredible, especially during the night classes.”

Other Devon Food Favorites:

Daniela Carvajal: “My favorite food place at Devon is probably Sips and Bits, because I love their charcuterie boards.”

Gabbrielle Sousa: “Devon has so many wonderful places to eat, but there are two that really stick out to me. I remember going on the ferris wheel and grabbing the fried oreos—literally so good and everyone is obsessed with them. Another place I, and everyone, from my barn always make a point to go, as it’s only five minutes from the show grounds, is Minella’s Diner! There’s so many options, so you can get a different thing every time.”

Finley Morgan: “I love the lemon sticks so much. They seem like a Devon tradition to me. They are so yummy and fitting for the event.”

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