Hydration is Key 

By Helen Chimbos

With the cooler temperatures arising, horses may shy away from their water buckets but it is key to keep your horse hydrated. Want to learn a few tips to make sure your horse’s water intake is sufficient. Let’s take a look!

Clean Water Buckets 

It is recommended the average horse drinks around 10 gallons of water daily. Now can you imagine drinking from dirty water buckets? Your horses don’t want to either. It is essential to keep your horse’s water clean and fresh. Now I know some horses tend to be dunkers and messier than others but dumping buckets daily and scrubbing regularly can help your horses stay fresher longer, enticing them to drink more. 

Salt Licks 

Along with keeping your horses water buckets clean, salt blocks are another option to add to your horses stall. Salt blocks are not only tasty but help keep your horses’ sodium balanced and encourage them to drink. It is very beneficial for horses in training, due to losing large amounts of essential minerals in their sweat. Salt blocks help restore minerals and balance electrolytes. 


Now you may be thinking I’ve tried all of this and my horse still wont drink enough. If this is your problem then you may want to consider adding water to your horse’s grain. Hay cubes are another great option to add hydration into your horse’s daily routine. Although this won’t meet the water intake your horse needs. It can help give your horse that little extra hydration in a quick and easy way at feeding time. 

Supplements can also play a big role in encouraging water intake. There are a ton of options out there to help with hydration. One of our favorite brands that helps replenish minerals and encourage hydration is Equine Elixir. Equine Elixir offers products like Chug, Electrofresh and Electrobites that will keep your horse looking and feeling their best! Let’s take a look at them ! 


Equine Elixir created Chug, which is a horse hydration supplement. Chug contains alfalfa extract to entice your horse to drink water. It also contains other ingredients that encourage your horse to drink water and stay hydrated. It is the healthiest and most reliable way to deliver fluids that your horse needs. 

Electrofresh & Electrobites 

Electrolytes and hydration play a key role in all aspects of your horse’s health. Equine Elixirs created Electrofresh that can be added to your horse’s feed. Electrofresh helps replenish horses minerals that are lost through their sweat, keeping your horses happy and healthy due to the enticing taste and beneficial minerals. Can you think of an easier way to replenish minerals and electrolytes in your horses? Well it is even easier with Electrobites! Electrobites are designed to be the most convenient and delicious way to administer electrolytes to your horses. These gummies mimic minerals lost in sweat, encourage hydration and are easy to feed on the go with no added sugar. 

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