The Adventures of Pudge and Paisley

BY Virginia Genthner

Everyday on the farm was pretty routine for Pudge. Mornings begin with some grain and pats from his human friend Katie followed by turnout to his own special paddock where he spent most of the day. Pudge’s favorite part of the day was the afternoons when the kids arrived and he got to teach lessons to the little kids.

Pudge was a small pony standing about 12.1 hands but in his mind he was the biggest deal around the farm. His job around the farm was to teach lessons to the littlest riders. He always waited patiently while they learned to put on his halter, lead him, brush and tack up. His favorite part was when they hopped up in the saddle and giggled as they learned to trot!

In Pudges mind he had the most important job on the farm which was getting those little riders to love riding. The bigger horses around the farm all respected Pudge and how well he did his job.

Pudge loved his life but behind the scenes changes were happening that Pudge didn’t know about. Soon there would be a new pony who like Pudge was a pretty big deal…