The Adventures of Pudge and Paisley – Part 2


Pudge finished up his afternoon lesson and waited patiently as his new lesson student Maia untacked him. Maia was new to the farm. This was her 4th lesson and Pudge had taken a liking to her.

Maia puttered around putting tack away and as she did she started chatting with Pudge.

“Thanks for the lesson today Pudge.” She patted him and continued, “Miss Georgia”, (Maia’s riding instructor), “said that I might be able to ride a new pony soon.” Pudge turned his head and looked at Maia, ‘huh..’ he thought, ‘new pony? I’m the only pony around here.’ Maia grabbed a hoof pick and kept chatting, “I hope she is a pretty pony and Pudge, maybe you guys will be friends!”

Pudge was shocked by what he was hearing. ‘Pretty…maybe we can be friends…?’

As Maia walked Pudge back to his paddock with Katie, Pudge’s mind was stirring he didn’t want to believe another pony was coming as he was the best pony (everyone told him that!).

Just as Maia went to take off Pudge’s halter a trailer pulled in. “Oh boy the new pony is here!” Maia exclaimed. “Let’s go check her out!” said Katie. Pudge looked on and his heart started to beat a little faster as he waited to see what walked off the trailer.

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